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iManage Closing Folders Case Study: Taylor Wessing




Transform your closing process

Law firm Taylor Wessing was looking for something to make creating closing books easier. What they found was even better: iManage Closing Folders, the best-in-class legal transaction management tool.

Discover the Closing Folders difference

In this video interview, Joshua Gertner, Associate, Taylor Wessing discusses his firm's Closing Folders experience with Jack Shepherd, Legal Practice Lead, iManage. Topics include: 

  • Transforming the closing process with Closing Folders
  • Using Closing Folders with DocuSign
  • Meeting client expectations for a tech-forward closing process
  • Making closing books in seconds
  • Improving the client experience and reducing the stress of deal closings for all involved

"[Implementing Closing Folders] has reimagined how the whole deal gets done, in a way that's a lot more profound than just replacing an individual task like transaction bibling or document lists."

- Joshua Gertner, Associate, Taylor Wessing

Watch the video:

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