A Law Firm’s Guide to Emerging Legal Tech Trends

Legal industry hot topics

Did you know that 74% of law firm clients ask about the firm's ability to protect their information? 

A recent survey by Law.com and iManage asked attorneys from a broad range of law firms about their firm’s legal technology strategies and investments.

Watch this on-demand webinar from iManage experts and law firm leaders to learn more about the legal industry insights in the Law.com survey, and look at how emerging legal tech trends affect both lawyers and the clients they serve. 

You will:

  • Learn how your firm stacks up against today’s industry tech trends. 
  • See which legal technology makes a lawyer’s day-to-day work more secure and productive. 
  • Discover what clients are asking law firms about security and privacy. 
  • Learn how law firms can improve collaboration and knowledge sharing with clients, counsel, and other third parties. 


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