The closing book you need to open

Closing the Deal is a complete guide to legal transaction management (LTM) for legal professionals looking to improve their deal process.

Close deals with confidence, efficiently.

Read Closing the Deal to learn:

  • How LTM (Legal Transaction Management) software reduces errors and increases client satisfaction.
  • How lawyers and leading practitioners incorporated LTM in their workflows.
  • Tips on deploying LTM software and boosting adoption within your firm.
  • How to evaluate LTM software vendors.
  • Answers to common questions from IT professionals about Closing Folders, our market-leading LTM. 



"With LTM, the organizational work involved in preparing closing books is done concurrently with running the deal. It’s led to a huge improvement in realization rates for our secured lending practice with the added benefit that our team is much happier not having to face the dreaded tedium of closing book preparation. Nobody likes making closing books the old-fashioned way"

James Padwick, Partner

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