Conflict checks for law firms

Not more people. Better technology.

As data volumes continue to grow, involving more and more entities, conflicts checks can be a high-risk operation. Learn how to optimize your manual analysis for employee visibility and experience so you can take on new cases with confidence. 

Don't just hire more people or create more work for existing staff. Embrace and adopt technology built for simplifying conflict of interest checks.

Conflict checks for law firms have always been difficult — and they’re only becoming more labor-intensive due to the ever-growing matrix of relationships. Many companies have a complex ecosystem of investors, investments, and corporate family entities for law firms like yours to navigate.

How can you get faster, more accurate results from your conflict checks without simply throwing more people at the problem?

Read our white paper to learn how law firms tackle the conflict checks challenge head-on and see significant improvements by leveraging specialized solutions and industry best practice from iManage.

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