7 Steps to Technology Adoption Best Practice

A practical guide from The Content Advisory on how organizations can successfully realize the benefits of new technology with user adoption. 

Technology Adoption Best Practice

Realizing the benefits of digital transformation and business process optimization requires the implementation of new technology.  And with every new tool one challenge often stands in the way of the technology truly making an impact; user adoption. This paper by The Content Advisory steps organizations through how to be successful. 

Digital Transformation needs Digital Adoption

From workforce changes to technological advancements, organizations across industries and geographies face continual pressure to acquire and implement the latest, greatest technologies in the name of digital transformation and business process optimization. And with every new tool or existing solution’s update, they face challenges that stand in the way of the technology truly making an impact and seeing, let alone maximizing, any return on their investment.

Unfortunately, end-user adoption is often overlooked or not given enough focus as part of the selection and subsequent technology implementation plan. Many organizations don’t even have any end-user technology adoption practices or technology-focused training programs or initiatives. Regardless, an end-user adoption strategy is crucial to ensuring adoption, acceptance, and continued productivity.

This free guide (no registration required) will help you plan for and execute a user adoption strategy that will help increase users’ adoption of technology while realizing the bonus of boosting your teams’ overall confidence, engagement, and job satisfaction.