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Use case

BT Legal streamlines c­o­l­l­a­b­o­r­a­t­i­o­n with iManage Work and Microsoft 365

BT’s legal department required a specialized document and email solution that met its industry requirements for managing high-value, high-volume, and highly regulated content.


Integration for iManage and ServiceNow

The seamless integration between iManage document and email management and ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery streamlines legal workflows and enhances productivity. 


It’s time to move to the iManage Cloud (Corp-NA)

Debating your cloud choices? Our infographic explains what being on a cloud-native platform means for downtime, upgrades, cutting-edge security, and immediate access to the latest advancements.


5 ways to enhance your law firm conflicts search

Learn how iManage Conflicts Manager goes the extra mile, providing superior functionality in five critical areas.


Building a culture of knowledge sharing: Collaborate effectively

How iManage knowledge work platform fosters seamless coworking so you can collaborate efficiently, intelligently, and securely, preserving knowledge for the benefit of all.


Legal Tech Publishing: Legal Operations Buyer's Guide 2023

Legal operations professionals know that good document management is crucial to a well-run legal department. But how do you choose the right system to manage your documents? This buyer's guide can help.


Harness knowledge, empower teams

iManage Insight+ makes it simple to connect and surface information to leverage best practices, locate experts, and highlight the latest legal practice.


Cloud security and performance in law firms: Turn skeptics into supporters

Meeting internal resistance to the cloud? Turn skeptics into supporters by learning how the cloud offers better protection, better performance, and makes your firm future-ready. 


Now Meets Next In Knowledge Work | Maturity Model Research

Independent study by Metia provides decision-makers, leaders, owners, partners, or investors in a knowledge work organization with a clear set of priorities to build future value.

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