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Preparing your team to move to the cloud



Preparing your team to move to the cloud



What you need to know to be successful

The iManage Cloud will empower your users with the latest functionality, security, and performance they need to be successful and productive. With the assistance of seasoned iManage experts and highly skilled partners, your move to the cloud can be seamless.

Over 390K users

Over 2B documents

Putting people first: 5 ways to a smooth cloud transition

See what Steve Ferhad, CTO at Australian law firm Holman Webb, learned when transitioning his organization to the iManage Cloud. 

Your cloud journey

Jim Priz, Vice President of Professional Services, shares what to expect from cloud migration and how iManage helps you along the journey. 

Overcoming stakeholder objections to cloud migration

This paper by Deep Analysis explores some of the most common internal barriers that small and midsize law firms face in moving to the cloud and provides practical advice on how to make the shift.

The nuts and bolts of cloud migration

Whether you plan to move to the cloud today or next year, hear seasoned iManage experts walk you through how to prepare your on-premises environment for a move to the cloud.

What I learned from moving to the cloud

Hear from Jason Thomas, CIO at Cole, Scott & Kissane, on what went well and what he would have done differently when moving his Florida law firm to the iManage Cloud. 

Cloud onboarding: preparing for change

As you plan your iManage implementation, keep this in mind: Deploying our technology is the easy part—it's getting everyone on board that can be the real challenge. Learn how to prepare your team for change when moving to the cloud.

Ready to move into the launch phase?

Discover how to set your firm up for success and ensure a smooth cloud rollout. 

Curious to learn more? Book a demo!

iManage Work 10 in the Cloud empowers knowledge workers to collaborate and be productive from anywhere, on any device, safely and securely. Book a demo and learn more about what a move to the cloud can do for you.