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Assessing the business impact of moving to the cloud



Is the cloud right for you?

The iManage Cloud empowers professionals to collaborate and be productive from anywhere, on any device, safely and securely. Our unique cloud platform delivers against our clients' need for security, reliability, and performance — reducing cost and complexity while increasing business agility.

Performance that drives adoption

Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.

Security for vital information

Comprehensive cloud security built on Zero Trust architecture.

Enhanced business agility

Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.

Improved efficiency

Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

iManage cloud vs. on-premises

Compare the features of the iManage Work 10 in the Cloud versus on-premises. 

Resources to get started

Building a bullet-proof business case for cloud 

Researching cloud characteristics, growth trajectory, and trends can help you identify new capabilities, security advantages, and accessibility benefits, but they don’t become selling points until you can articulate how these benefits deliver on the business goals your stakeholders are targeting.

Learn how you can build a business case that captures attention, allays concerns, and persuades leaders to fund your cloud project in our white paper. 

Technical considerations of cloud adoption

Many view the transition to the cloud as similar to moving from one house to another. But it’s more like migrating from a cabin in the woods to a penthouse in the heart of a thriving metropolis. Your firm gains access to new transportation models, greater interconnectivity, and a multitude of advanced capabilities that increase client satisfaction and profitability.

Explore cost and process optimization tips from legal industry peers and experts in our white paper. 

Cloud security & performance in law firms

As law firms move more core functions to the cloud, it’s clear that they gain many advantages. However, if you’re advocating a move to the cloud and meeting internal resistance, a list of benefits may not be enough to counter objections. 

Turn skeptics into supporters be learning how the cloud protects data from ransomware, offers better performance, and makes your firm future-ready in our ebook. 

Ready to move into the prepare phase?

Learn how to prepare your team and other stakeholders to ensure a seamless move to the cloud.

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iManage Work 10 in the Cloud empowers knowledge workers to collaborate and be productive from anywhere, on any device, safely and securely. Book a demo and learn more about what a move to the cloud can do for you. 

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