Honsa Mara Landry searches smarter with iManage Work in the Cloud


  • Law firm focused exclusively on family law
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  • Minneapolis, USA

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Modern user experience simplifies law firm’s daily workflows — from document searches and email management to remote work

Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Honsa Mara Landry, P.A. is a law firm focused exclusively on family law. Formed in 2017 by three Minnesota attorneys with a mix of solo practice, small firm and big firm experience, Honsa Rodd Landry has grown to handling all aspects of family law.


Upon founding their own law firm, Honsa Mara Landry had to decide what kind of technology they wanted to employ for document and email management. Previous experience with iManage among one of the founding partners made iManage Work a leading choice.


Starting a new practice gave Honsa Mara Landry a blank slate from a technology perspective, so they opted to deploy the newest version of iManage’s industry-leading work product management system, iManage Work. A complete rethink of iManage’s flagship product, based on the input of hundreds of professionals around the globe, iManage Work is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern professional.


Since going live with iManage Work, Honsa Mara Landry’s professionals have experienced numerous benefits — from how they search for documents to how they work remotely.

Case study

Case study

Minneapolis law firm Honsa Rodd Landry works smarter with iManage Work 10.

Press release

Press release

iManage Cloud delivers simplicity and security for boutique family law firm Honsa Rodd Landry.

<strong>Kristy Rodd</strong>, Partner, Honsa Mara Landry

With iManage Work 10, search is easy and fast — the search box is front and center, like with a consumer website. We also like the fact that the system makes it easy to find the files you’re working on with smart worklists and personalized search — that’s a big help.

Kristy Rodd, Partner, Honsa Mara Landry