Time savings equal to two full-time employees

Heidi Hanson
20 September 2022

An accountancy firm helping entrepreneurs bring their ambitions to life across the Netherlands, Bol Adviseurs’ three main drivers are getting closer to clients, being courageous, and focusing on the future.

“Our people are our biggest asset,” explains Roy Verbroekken, Partner at Bol Adviseurs. “It’s not just about giving them the right data, we needed to make it easier to share knowledge throughout the organization and tap into that wealth of expertise.”

To that end, the firm decided that a cloud-first strategy would give their employees fast access to secure data, while enabling them to outsource maintenance, updates, and security to third-party vendors. Since they were already using iManage Work 9.5 on-premises, they were able to migrate to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud with minimal disruption to users.

“The implementation went so smoothly our users didn’t even realize we’d migrated to the cloud,” said Ruud Hofmans, IT Manager at Bol Adviseurs.

Hofmans said employees DID notice the enhanced functionality of Work 10. They also noticed the difference made by a custom application for digital signing that Hofmans was able to integrate using iManage APIs. This resulted in time savings equivalent to the work of two full-time employees per year, which was quite significant.

“Whenever we needed support, iManage and IRIS [the implementation partner] were there for us right away, even if it was out of hours,” said Hofmans.

The Work 10 integration with Microsoft Outlook contributed substantially to the success of the upgrade, enabling people to work from a single interface instead of switching between applications. And, by adopting a “need to know” strategy and using iManage Threat Manager to monitor the environment for any suspicious behavior, Bol Adviseurs is also enjoying higher levels of security.   

But Hofmans doesn’t plan to stop there. Innovating and improving the firm’s security posture is part of BOL Adviseur’s overall cloud strategy. They are planning to add iManage Security Policy Manager to simplify setting up ethical walls, and Hofmans says he is excited for the next steps.

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