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Lexsoft Systems


WHO WE ARE: We are a specialist software vendor and a leading provider of business process solutions to the legal sector across Europe, United States and Latin America. We are trusted by over 180 customers worldwide, including eight of the 10 largest law firms in Spain, and nearly half of the IBEX 35 legal departments. We partner with leading legal technology vendors to provide best-in-class solutions for knowledge management, document management, document automation, document comparison, time recording and CRM. Through expertise including specialist consultancy, custom development, training and support, that we have honed over many years, we help law firms and corporate legal departments to improve these business-critical processes, so that they can reduce risk, enhance productivity, ensure business efficiency – and ultimately optimise their return on investment in technology. We have been innovating in the knowledge management space for over a decade. Our flagship software solution, Lexsoft T3, is the product of the combined expertise of many knowledge professionals and incorporates best practices accumulated from insight into knowledge management approaches of law firms of all sizes. Today, T3 offers one of the most comprehensive suite of workflows for a KM solution in the legal industry. Lexsoft is a spin off from Tikit Spain, following the latter’s acquisition by British Telecom in 2015. The company’s operation dates back to 2005 as a subsidiary of British Tikit Group in Spain.

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