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Appurity Connect Limited


Appurity specialises in mobile and application security, delivering comprehensive solutions that improve productivity and increase billing. We have developed Rubus, the only app that provides iManage functionality on Android. Rubus includes features such as send and file, open NRL and check-in and out from a smartphone. Rubus now supports iOS and with the Re:Work enterprise email client; an iManage user can now send and file emails from their iPhone. Appurity integrate CASB, Mobile Threat and Zero Trust Network Access solutions that enhance security and visibility of endpoint to cloud resources, such as iManage and Microsoft. As an Android Enterprise Specialist and part of the Apple Consultant Network, Appurity is a leading provider of mobile and application security services, delivering comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions across all verticals. Our consultancy and implementation services enable firms to adopt app-centric ways of working, by delivering fully secure devices, with individualised and integrated mobile security solutions that use the latest technology and harness the powers of AI and machine learning. As part of Our Mobile Management Services (MMS), Appurity works closely with customers to understand their plans and aspirations for deploying secure, managed mobile devices, network services and apps across their business. Our Gold Build Standard for devices and apps ensures that we take a bespoke approach to each organisation, by building the right devices to suit the workforce, with the right security parameters, and complying with necessary policy or industry compliance requirements.

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