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We’re data experts, and our North Star is Zero Dark Data. We believe that all organizations should be aiming for a state of Zero Dark Data so that they can act as good stewards of that data to minimize their cyber risk surface area, protect the interests of their customers, their staff and their other stakeholders. We’ve been working continuously with unstructured data in the wild for well over a decade and we think the market deserves data discovery products that just work. As a result we are trusted by leading companies and government agencies to help them understand and control their data assets to drive regulatory compliance, reduce the cost of data ownership and improve data quality. Aside from our fascination with Dark Data, we’re engineers, designers, runners, gardeners, chefs, photographers, bikers, parents, skiers, cosplayers, hikers, gamers, travelers, mountain climbers, friends, race car drivers, readers, volunteers, and car enthusiasts. We value loyalty, accountability, and communication and care deeply about creating a sustainable future, supporting charitable causes as proud members of Pledge 1%.

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