Risk Management Software To Protect And Enable

Streamlined business intake processes optimize high-value intake data while promoting compliance. Intelligent, interactive conflict search results that minimize risk.

Make compliance competitive

iManage understands how the speed and efficiency of conflicts of interest, risk assessment, and onboarding processes can win or lose new instructions. Yet complete compliance is critical to business health and depends on quality data and risk expertise availability.

Flexible, modular risk management solutions designed for purpose and built to enable ongoing evolution provide robust risk management with cross-firm benefits: delivering your business processes with ease, leveraging our unique intelligent automation to free your knowledge workers for nuanced, complex, risk decision-making, and ensuring accurate data is stored and surfaced where and when it’s needed.

Protect your commercial advantage 

Promote your compliance priorities

Your risk priorities are unique — shaped by client base, internal strategy, external regulation, and more. Weaving these into highly configurable business processes makes compliance part of everyday procedures.

Maximize valuable expertise

Automation of repetitive yet complex analysis tasks demands trust to deliver efficiency gains. We couple intelligent risk management automation features with complete transparency to achieve rapid acceptance and tangible gains.

Protect sensitive knowledge

Decisions to accept new business are driven by many factors, including internal experiential knowledge. Protect against the risk of siloed expertise with flexible functionality for storage and surfacing.

Standardize and extend

Rapidly upskill new joiners in centralized risk functions and the broader organization with a user experience that reflects only the relevant, using a familiar interface to implement risk management solutions across all business processes.

The data opportunity

Conflicts review and business intake are typically the first and often only point at which vital client and matter data capture may be mandated and validated. Capture and maintain this data to reap downstream process and knowledge work benefits.

Embed agility 

Business and risk processes are non-static and data changes constantly. Our risk management solutions are built for change at every level and we team our experience with yours to deliver best fit with flexibility.

Leverage our market experience 

iManage understands the value that compliant process automation brings to professional services organizations. Streamlined efficiency, embedded policy enforcement, and utilization of the quality data capture opportunity provide business protection, competitive advantage, and the foundation for knowledge work.

Services with best practice know-how

To deliver meaningful benefits across the organization, risk management and business process solution implementations need real-world, specialist expertise. 

Our project consultants’ experience is drawn from the business of handling the challenges you face every day. Using our bespoke service delivery methodology, we engage deeply with customer requirements and provide best-practice insights throughout the project lifecycle.

Solution enhancement and embedded intelligence

The continuous evolution of our risk management product roadmaps is driven by iManage customers’ changing needs, in combination with our specialist expertise — which we also utilize to build common process standards into our solutions while retaining full flexibility for customization.

Our risk management software allows customers to take advantage of pre-built process elements to suit while focusing on their bespoke priority requirements.

Enable Long Term Success

Realize compliance and business process enhancement at your pace

Regulatory framework complexity and the importance of effective risk management solutions and compliance grow continually. Yet professional services organizations must also meet increasing client expectations and deliver new service differentiators which may impact the priority of compliance and process enhancement change programs.

Choosing the right risk solution and implementation partner is essential to enabling enhancement now and in the future.

iManage business process and risk solutions and specialist services deliver rapid value with future scalability.

  • iManage understands that successful implementations are those that meet or exceed customer needs — whether these are known drivers, subsequent changes due to external forces, or future strategic focus re-direction.

  • Our project methodology is based on the recognition that product functionality is just one element crucial to successful outcomes: your change appetite, firm culture, resourcing, and starting point all influence the services we provide.

  • We scope deeply and work with you to implement meaningful change at speed while building a valuable partnership that continues to deliver and enhance solution fit and breadth over time.

  • Our compliance risk and business process products are purpose-built to deliver sophisticated risk management solutions for the complete client engagement lifecycle, from conflict clearance through intake, maintenance and closure.

  • iManage workflow tools are flexible and fully extensible, handling a wealth of business process scenarios beyond clients, customers, matters, instructions, and risk management related activities.

  • To date, we have automated more than 40 common business processes via our platform and toolset, at a pace of change to suit our customers — whether extensive, fast, specific, or via deliberately staged delivery over time.

Safeguarding your sensitive information

A comprehensive, layered approach to security keeps sensitive documents and emails safe from external threat actors and internal misuse. Discover the many ways that iManage protects what matters to your business.

Conflicts Manager

iManage Conflicts Manager is a comprehensive conflicts of interest management application, providing a 360-degree view of all types of conflicts and delivering a simplified check process for sustained competitive advantage.

Business Intake Manager

iManage Business Intake Manager is a powerful workflow application to streamline new business acceptance, while maintaining regulatory and internal policy compliance.

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