Solutions for Knowledge Workers

iManage is the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work

iManage empowers knowledge workers to manage high-value content more efficiently and securely, and transform their data into knowledge.

Knowledge work is the beating heart of all successful organizations. Knowledge workers manage the high-value documents and emails that contain the strategies, research, contracts, and agreements that enable businesses to grow. Knowledge workers need powerful tools to organize, search, and protect this institutional knowledge, and leverage it to drive better outcomes.

Traditional enterprise content tools often cannot meet the advanced requirements of knowledge workers in corporate departments like Legal, Compliance, Finance, Tax, or Human Resources. iManage is the trusted partner of global enterprises who need to empower these knowledge workers to work productively, collaborate effectively, and protect valuable information.

iManage is the global leader in document and email management for knowledge workers



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How we help knowledge workers around the world

Increase productivity

Manage documents and emails more efficiently.

Collaborate effectively

Securely share documents and collaborate on content from anywhere.

Find content

Find the right information quickly and accurately with powerful document search.​​

Protect information

Comprehensive security protections for legal content, including need-to-know access.

Empower users

Deliver a modern and intuitive user experience that drives adoption.​

Work from anywhere

Access documents and work securely from anywhere on any device.

Let us show you how

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