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Surge in remote working leads iManage to launch virtual AI university for companies that want to harness the power of the RAVN AI engine

Built to support legal professionals, financial and professional services firms, the new format and curriculum deliver repeatable process for solving customer business issues through AI innovation

CHICAGO – April 9, 2020 – iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced that it has rolled out a virtual Artificial Intelligence University (AIU), as an adjunct to its customer on-site model. With the virtual offering, legal and financial services professionals can actively participate in project-driven, best-practice remote AI workshops that use their own, real-world data to address specific business issues – even amidst the disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

AIU helps clients to quickly and efficiently learn to apply machine learning and rules-based modeling to classify, find, extract and analyze data within contracts and other legal documents for further action, often automating time-consuming manual processes. In addition to delivering increases in speed and accuracy of data search results, AI frees practitioners to focus on other high-value work.

Driven both by the need of organizations to reduce operational costs and to adapt to fundamental shifts toward remote work practices, virtual AIU is playing an important role in helping iManage clients continue to work and collaborate productively. The curriculum empowers end users with all the skills they need to quickly ramp up the efficiency and breadth of their AI projects using the iManage RAVN AI engine.

“Participating in AIU was a huge win for us. We immediately saw the impact AI would have in surfacing information we need and allowing us to action it to save time, money and frustration,” said Nikki Shaver, Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings. "The workshop gave us deep insight into how to train the algorithm effectively for the best possible effect. And, very quickly, more opportunities came to light as to how AI could augment our business in the longer term,” continued Shaver.

AI is a transformation technology that’s continuing to gain momentum in the legal, financial and professional services sectors. But many firms don’t yet have the internal knowledge or training to deliver on its promise.

“iManage is committed to helping firms establish AI Centers of Excellence – not just sell them a kit and walk away,” said Nick Thomson, General Manager, iManage RAVN. “We’ve found the best way to ensure client success is to educate and build up experience inside the firm about how AI works and how to apply it to a broad spectrum of business problems.”

Deep Training Delivers Powerful Results

iManage AIU’s targeted, hands-on training starts with the fundamentals but delves much deeper enabling organizations to put the flexibility and speed of the technology to work across myriad scenarios. RAVN easily helps facilitate actions like due diligence, compliance reviews or contract repapering, as well as more sophisticated modeling that taps customized rule development to address more unique use cases.

The advanced combination of machine learning and rules-based extraction capabilities in RAVN make it the most trainable platform on the market. Users can teach the software what to look for, where to find it and then how to analyze it using the RAVN AI engine.

Armed with the tools and training to put AI to work across their data stores and documents, AIU graduates can help their organizations unlock critical knowledge and insights in a repeatable way across the enterprise.

Interactive Curriculum Builds Strong Skillsets

The personalized, interactive course is delivered over three half-day sessions, via video conferencing, to a small team of customer stakeholders. Such teams may include data scientists, knowledge managers, lawyers, partners, contract specialists, and trained legal staff.  AIU is also available to firms that are considering integrating the RAVN engine and would like to see AI in action as they assess the potential impact of the solution on their businesses.

Expert iManage AI instructors, with deep technology and legal expertise, work with clients in advance to help identify use cases for the virtual AIU.  The iManage team fully explores client use cases prior to the training to facilitate the most effective approach to extraction techniques for client projects.

The daily curriculum includes demonstrations with user data and individual and group exercises to evaluate and deepen user skills. Virtual breakout rooms for project drill down and feedback mechanisms, such as polls and surveys, help solidify learning and make the sessions more interactive. Recordings and transcripts allow customers to revisit AIU sessions at any time.

For more information on iManage virtual AIU or on-site training read our AI blog post or contact us at

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