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Why iManage and Microsoft are a powerful combination

At ConnectLive 2021, Dan Carmel, iManage Chief Product Officer, had an insightful chat with Alan Gibson, Microsoft Director of Legal & Compliance Innovation about the enhanced iManage and Microsoft partnership. Here’s what we learned from their discussion:

A frictionless experience is key to productivity

Most lawyers rely on multiple technology solutions to get their work done, from email and chat applications to document storage and editing systems. If these products don’t work in harmony, you can be faced with a serious productivity loss.

Gibson, a former lawyer, remembers the struggle of using multiple standalone software solutions:

“[It’s] the experience of having to bounce from one solution to another, the fact that solutions would not talk to each other, that [meant] I was spending lots of my billable hours working on administrative tasks.”

Many lawyers must still contend with this frustration. As Gibson put it, “What we’re hearing is that people want to see our products work better together to reduce that friction, and really enable how practitioners get work done.”

iManage and Microsoft share the desire to reduce friction, make work seamless, and get more done; through enhanced integrations between iManage and Microsoft, you get just that.

Security is at the heart of this partnership

Data breaches risk both your clients’ information and your firm’s reputation as a trusted partner. That’s why both iManage and Microsoft are driven to provide better security solutions for the legal industry, together.

As Gibson explained, “A big part of [our] conversations [with the legal industry] is around security risk and data privacy.”

Carmel added, “I think iManage integration with Microsoft Information Protection is going to be particularly welcome in this industry,” noting that the integration makes it easier to maintain security while collaborating on documents.

With iManage and Microsoft working together, you can rest assured that your firm and client documents are more secure than ever before.

iManage and Microsoft are better together

iManage and Microsoft are key investments for many organizations, so it’s fortunate that the mission of the two companies aligns so well.

Gibson was pleased to note that, “it’s great to hear how [iManage is] aligned with Microsoft's mission to empower every person in every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

He added that, “iManage’s deep market penetration and expertise is super important to us. That sort of expertise really provides some unique opportunities for us to offer powerful solutions.”

And speaking of powerful solutions, Gibson expressed his excitement about the recent announcement that iManage has adopted Microsoft Azure as the global platform for the iManage Cloud.

“Your knowledge platform getting delivered on our cloud provides an industry-leading experience, [and] a secure environment for client work product…it's a powerful combination.”

As our CEO Neil Araujo put it, iManage and Microsoft working together gives you the best of both worlds. Learn more about the power of our enhanced partnership in the full keynote below:




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Dan leads the Global Channels and Alliances team, which includes Reseller/Implementation partners as well as strategic partner relationships.