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We are pleased to have Casso & Sparks join the iManage Cloud. The firm is based in the City of Industry, Calif., and focuses on one goal – helping clients operate smoothly within an increasingly complex and challenging legal environment.

Serving as the city attorney and general counsel to a wide variety of clients gives them an uncommonly broad base of institutional knowledge to solve legal problems.

The firm selected iManage Cloud to provide their professionals with industry-leading document and email management. This enables them to demonstrate a commitment to innovation and to working in the most effective and efficient manner for their clients.

Welcome Casso & Sparks. And a special thanks goes out to our valued partner, Innovative Computing Systems, for managing the firm’s implementation.

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Dan Carmel

Dan Carmel is responsible for knowledge work automation strategies and exploring new product initiatives. He originally joined iManage in 2001 and returned to the company under HP in 2011. Before rejoining, he was CEO of SpringCM, a leader in SaaS ECM.