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Six-month migration to cloud leads UK law firm to 92 percent monthly active usage

Shawn Curran

Top 50 UK law firm Travers Smith successfully migrates to iManage Cloud, providing its professionals with a modern knowledge work platform

As Head of Legal Technology at Travers Smith, I can speak to our recent migration to iManage Cloud and why it made sense for us to strategically align with iManage. The move is consistent with Travers Smith’s long-term technology strategy and aligns with our core strategic principles — not just in leveraging cloud, but also in partnering with vendors who are market leaders in their space.

We were monitoring the legal tech market closely, and the capabilities of iManage Cloud continued to go from strength to strength, including their adoption of the Microsoft Azure platform as a foundation for their cloud offering. We were particularly swayed by the modern technology architecture of iManage Cloud, which delivers a streamlined and intuitive user experience on the front end and industry-leading uptime, performance, and resilience on the back end.

Nearly 850 professionals within our firm’s London office are using the iManage knowledge work platform to better collaborate, unlock productivity, and work together intelligently and securely. In addition to implementing iManage Work for intelligent document and email management, the firm also takes advantage of iManage Threat Manager for advanced threat detection, mitigation, and compliance monitoring.

The iManage platform uses some of the most innovative technologies alongside cutting-edge security. Its functional, technological, and security-related advancements are immediately deployed and accessible without the downtime associated with complex upgrades or patches.

Our firm carried out the migration to iManage Cloud over a 6 month period utilizing a custom cloud-to-cloud, API-to-API migration tool that we developed. This tool, in conjunction with other solutions, allowed us to achieve a smooth and controlled migration.

End-user engagement with our previous document management system typically hovered around 60 percent, but we’ve already seen 92 percent monthly active usage with the iManage platform. We attribute this significant increase in uptake to the modern, user-friendly nature of the platform, as well as a series of 1:1 briefing sessions the firm delivered to end users. We dedicated an hour of focused training to everyone in the firm, regardless of their role.

The project has been successful for both of our organizations on many levels. We impressed Neil Araujo, the CEO at iManage, with the flawless way we executed the migration. He said the strong usage confirmed for him that iManage investment and development are on the right track, providing value to both the firm and the people using the platform.

As we grow and develop as a firm, it's important that we partner with market-leading technology providers that can keep pace with us. iManage has demonstrated – not just through their products, but through their customer roster and their reputation in the space – that they are leaders that can meet our evolving needs.

Learn more about the benefits of the iManage knowledge work platform and how it can help your organization stay on the cutting edge and drive better business outcomes.

About the author

Shawn Curran

As a modern high-energy exec-level leader, Shawn Curran, Head of Legal Technology at Travers Smith, motivates change through vision, inspiration, empowerment, and autonomy.