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Our philanthropic employee group iMCaring was founded by a multinational team of employees with a passion for giving back and an interest in expanding our company’s charitable efforts. Together, this iMpact Community focuses on leading initiatives to help close the opportunity gap and give back to the global locations in which iManage operates. 

Last August, our London-based iMCaring members brought this ethos to a local level with our first volunteering opportunity in the East London community our London office calls home.  

Goats, chickens, and a thriving community resource

Nestled amongst the high-rise offices and bustling roads most commonly associated with inner-city London, Hackney City Farm was established in 1984, evolving from a derelict lorry park into a modest agricultural haven that is free for all to visit. Hackney City Farm was created to provide both children and adults the opportunity to interact with a range of farmyard animals, learn about locally grown produce, and develop new skills to live healthier, happier lives with a lower environmental impact. 

It’s not just animals that call this farm home—it also supports a huge range of community organizations and social enterprises. The farm’s focus on education has expanded to their Special Educational Needs (SEN) program, supporting people of all ages with SEN, and The School at Hackney City Farm, a unique alternative education provider for adolescents.  

“The farm’s focus on providing for those in our community who are without the opportunity or necessary skills to get ahead aligned perfectly with our iMCaring mission to give back to those who need the resources we could provide to help with their day-to-day.” - Dom Lovallo, Talent Acquisition UK Lead and iMCaring Founding Member

Doing good does one good

Over 20 members of our London team took part in a full day of volunteering at Hackney City Farm, separating into multiple groups to tackle the typical tasks of a farm; from painting stables and taming nettle bushes to sprucing up geese pens and mucking out a pigsty.  
While volunteering provided an opportunity to help an excellent community resource, it also gave our volunteers the chance to connect with iMCaring and with colleagues they may not usually see. 

“I wanted to meet more people across different teams at iManage. This day really helped me to feel more connected to both my teammates and the community. Plus, I also love animals, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to support the farm.” - Katherine Hughes, Knowledge Engineer, Product Management 

Just the beginning for iMCaring

Our time at Hackney City Farm marks the beginning of many volunteering opportunities to come! Our iMCaring members are busy planning more meaningful connections with local causes across our global iManage communities as we head into the autumn and winter months.  

This was a great opportunity to build relationships with peers at iManage whom I haven't worked or interacted with in the past. It was great to learn more about how the farm and allotment serve the local community, and how they work with various groups in London/the Southeast. I will 100% be volunteering again and can’t wait for the next one!” - Alex Macpherson, Software Engineer 

If you, like our iMCaring volunteers, are keen to make an active difference through philanthropy in your local community, why not consider joining iManage to work with like-minded colleagues? Check out our open roles—we’d love to hear how you are making an iMpact on your community! 

About the author

Becky Griffiths

Being an Employee Engagement Specialist at iManage means having the opportunity to truly enable all iManage employees to #MakeItMeanSomething throughout their time with us!

How do I do this? By driving employee engagement, our values, and overall culture through various channels and creative approaches and working with our awesome global People Operations team, in addition to our inspiring cross-functional leaders, to ensure programs and communications are enhancing our employee experience.