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Make it easy and you’ll drive smart, productive and secure work

Ganesh Krithikavasan

It’s a universal truth when deploying a new tool or process, regardless of industry, topic or the nature of the work, that success will ultimately lie in user adoption. It’s no different when knowledge leaders are implementing security, compliance, retention policies and good document processes.

If people encounter resistance or friction in getting their tasks done, they are going to find an easier way, sometimes to the detriment of the work and often compromising security or compliance. It’s human nature but it is frequently a source of increased business risk.

Today, as we come to grips with new working practices necessary during a pandemic and how they will irrevocably change the way we work in the future, organizations are increasingly dependent on employees doing the right thing, adopting these tools and practices. Again, presenting business risk.

What we learned early in building iManage and ongoing feedback from our users, is that the secret to adoption is making life easy, removing the drudgery of the task and the friction in getting work done. The result that our clients have seen is as the work becomes easier there is natural, organic adoption, accelerating the transformation to a secure, complaint knowledge workplace.

This was the motivation for us to develop iManage Drive, to enable even those who are reluctant to adopt new tools and processes, to make it as easy as we could.

iManage Drive looks and feels like a shared network drive in Windows Explorer, putting your work at your fingertips. It couldn’t be simpler. iManage Drive is intuitive and easy to use, requires very little training, and requires no significant change to your work habits. You can save and retrieve documents as if they were on your local disk.

Critically, iManage Drive maintains good governance and security when working offline, as documents are copied locally locally to be worked on in the courtroom or on a plane. iManage Drive lets people take their work with them, and automatically re-sync when they are back online, seamlessly in a familiar interface. Their work remains secure, sharable, searchable and the collaboration continues.

Our customers are already seeing the benefits.

If making work simple for your team is interesting, let us show you how easy it easy it is with a demo or you can learn more here.

About the author

Ganesh Krithikavasan

Ganesh Krithikavasan is a Product Manager for iManage Drive, where he's responsible for leading the experimental work for the product, integrations, and strategy. Prior to iManage, he worked in Product R&D for nuVizz Inc.