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Learn how iManage Drive will help you overcome the 4 user adoption barriers your organization is facing

Ganesh Krithikavasan

CIOs often struggle with finding ways to increase compliance by getting their entire organization to use a Document management system, specifically the users who resist using a DMS.

Some slow adopters may be reluctant to use the technology because they would prefer to work in their familiar Windows Explorer or Mac Finder environment. By contrast, power users often immediately want more sophisticated functionalities such as the ability to download files from websites directly into the DMS, bulk renaming files in Windows, and work with linked spreadsheets.

Further, other traveling attorneys are struggling with being able to fully incorporate a DMS into their overall workflow when they need to access documents while offline during long flights. Some attorneys also have the need to take documents into no-internet zones, such as courtrooms. Users in remote or satellite offices often get frustrated as they don’t get the same experience connecting to the DMS as users in the headquarters because of high latency.

So, how can CIOs address all these challenges simultaneously to improve DMS adoption for all these users?

iManage Drive for iManage Work is built to address various adoption issues. It looks and feels like a network drive in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, allowing users to access their iManage documents in a familiar environment.

Drive can help IT administrators enhance adoption of DMS across 4 main types of users:

  • Slow Adopters of Document Management Systems. iManage Drive eases the transition to iManage Work for non-DM adopters, simplifying their onboarding experience and letting them work in a familiar Windows Explorer environment. These users often feel DMS technology is difficult to use or impedes their workflow and productivity. Drive eases the onboarding process for these users by allowing IT administrators to preconfigure drive out-of-the-box, making it ready to use. Drive’s built-in post-installation workflow wizard enables a user to get started with iManage in less than 2 minutes without administrative assistance.
  • Power Users. iManage Drive also helps IT administrators cater to the sophisticated needs of power users. Some of the use cases of power users include the ability to save documents from websites and third parties with their other iManage Work files. In the absence of this integration, these power users often end up downloading content to their non governed local or network drives.Through its deep integration, Drive enables users to easily download files or links to such documents and save them into iManage work. Power users also can expedite their work by using the new product to perform bulk operations such as zipping, renaming and deleting files.
  • Road Warriors. iManage Drive makes traveling attorneys more productive by letting them take iManage content offline. This can be especially important when they are traveling in airplanes or working in various internet-free zones across the world. Drive allows users to download iManage content to their local drive, make edits to the documents when offline, and then seamlessly sync the updated documents when they are back online. Drive encrypts content downloaded locally, so users and IT administrators can be confident that all their data is secure even if the device falls into the wrong hands.
  • Satellite office workers. iManage Drive helps improve the productivity of workers in satellite offices by reducing the time it takes to access their content. Drive enables a satellite office user to build a cache of documents they are working on over time and making their access to these content more efficient. The cache of downloaded content is kept fresh with an active background synchronization process. The user does not experience the delays caused by latency since they are only working with their local content.

iManage Drive is available for both on premises and cloud customers. To learn more about iManage Drive and how it can help improve adoption for all your users, check out our webinar replay.

About the author

Ganesh Krithikavasan

Ganesh Krithikavasan is a Product Manager for iManage Drive, where he's responsible for leading the experimental work for the product, integrations, and strategy. Prior to iManage, he worked in Product R&D for nuVizz Inc.