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In today’s technology-driven workforce, mobility, accessibility, and security are essential capabilities for most solutions, especially for legal departments.

But many legal professionals have come to the realization that traditional document repositories lack the robust features and full functionality that enable them to increase productivity and collaboration securely and efficiently.

Modern document management systems (DMS), however, take advantage of cloud technology enabling organizations the power to access and manage their documents from anywhere at anytime.

So, it’s important to carefully evaluate the capabilities and functionality offered by DMS vendors and make sure they align with your legal department’s specific requirements.

Download your copy of “15 Questions for Legal Operations to Ask When Evaluating a DMS”, a comprehensive guide to confidently choosing the right DMS solution for your in-house team.

The right vendor makes all the difference 

In addition to possessing the right features to effectively manage your legal department’s documents and emails, technical aspects, such as system integrations and end-user experience are important. While a DMS solution may check all of the preliminary technical offering boxes, the user experience has to be prioritized in order to maximize adoption. Designing the user interface to be as intuitive as popular consumer application experiences with minimal latency leads to maximum efficiency and satisfaction. System integrations are another important factor to consider. Implementing new software can be a logistical pain point if the DMS is not compatible with existing technology or legal systems.

Gauge your organization's needs

To start your vendor search, first, take a look at your organization. Understand what systems are currently in place to find and leverage past work, to collaborate internally and with outside counsel, and to have intuitive places to store documents and emails. Prioritize what needs to be changed or improved upon. Figuring out your organization’s needs is one of the most important steps to finding the ideal DMS for your company. Once you fully understand your organization’s digital landscape and document management needs, it simplifies the DMS evaluation process.

Knowledge is power

The modern workplace is changing, and virtual workplaces are trending as remote teams become the new normal. Once a legal organization understands its DMS needs, it’s time to start the vendor vetting process. When it comes to asking the right questions, knowledge is power. In our latest article, “15 Questions Legal Operations Should Ask their Document Management Vendor” we break down the questions organizations need to be answered to feel confident in a vendor’s offerings. Legal departments have unique requirements and an experienced, secure, and user-friendly DMS solution is vital. To set your organization up for success, this checklist will help you navigate the waters in choosing the right long-term DMS partner for your organization.

Find the right DMS solution. Ask these questions to source the right vendor.

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