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Improving business continuity in the cloud

Gia Tammone-Park

Migrating to the cloud provides industry-leading uptime along with enhanced security and mobility for Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP.

David Melczer, Director of IT at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis (Greenbaum), joined iManage at ConnectLive 2021 to share why his team made the move to iManage Work in the cloud.

“Back in 2018 [when I started], we had an on-premises iManage system which was a couple of revisions behind. In addition, the operating system on those servers was also a couple of revisions behind. There was no redundancy, and we were supporting two different sites with this configuration. So, we were in need of some hardware and software upgrades,” he said.

Three months into his tenure, a critical event proved that this instinct was right. A 13,000 volt transformer blew out in the basement of their head office building, leaving the firm without power. While the building and the electric company debated whose responsibility it was to replace the transformer, the lack of power for Greenbaum’s on-premises hardware meant that two of their three office locations were unable to work for several days.

When the power was restored, the firm’s leadership challenged the IT department to design a system where that amount of downtime wouldn’t happen again. For Melczer, that made their path clear.

“The only realistic way we could do that was with a cloud-based architecture.”

Learn more about how Greenbaum improved their business continuity by moving to the cloud in the interview below:

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