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As one part of our celebrations for Black History Month in the United States, we are spotlighting the work of our iMBlack iMPact Community (the iManage term for employee resource groups) and the members who are working to make iManage a more diverse and inclusive place for all.

The roots of our iMBlack iMPact Community were planted in 2020 when a number of our Black employees organically came together and shared with our global team how bias, injustice, and prejudice have impeded Black people throughout history and continue to do so today. In particular, this group discussed how these hurdles manifest themselves every day in business and specifically in the technology industry. Out of these conversations, the iMBlack iMpact Community was formed.

“Blacks throughout the world have progressed and thrived despite the inequitable societal systems arrayed against us. I'm grateful that iMBlack allows us to stand together as a community and drive awareness.” – Brian Jones, Senior Director of Customer Adoption

Our iMBlack founding members defined that the primary goals for this iMPact Community were to foster a sense of community for Black employees within iManage, enhance avenues for Black recruitment into the iManage workforce, and bring attention to historic wrongs that Black people face even today.

“The reason why I joined iMBlack is because I wanted to get to know my colleagues outside of my department and expand my network. Being a member gives me a better understanding of iManage’ s needs and helps me know what I can do to help achieve the company’s goals.” – Katie Woodson, People Operations Coordinator

This Black History Month, the iMBlack iMPact Community is working to bring to life this year’s theme of “Black Resistance: Building Bridges & Navigating Barriers,” through a number of events, knowledge shares, and other resources to educate and engage our global team.

“Some of the activities include supporting Black businesses, reading books by Black authors, watching online documentaries, attending Black History Month events, and taking time to talk with my elders to understand their experiences and share them with my children. We are emphasizing the fact that we must continue to fight for justice with the same dedication and fearlessness of those that paved the way for us.” – Charlene Johnson, Staff Support Engineer

Of course, our iMBlack iMPact Community members are no strangers to successful, fun, and engaging events! Last year, this group hosted a Juneteenth event in our Chicago office, complete with a presentation on the history and meaning of this important day, catering from a local Black-owned restaurant, and a line dancing lesson taught by our very own Brenda Louise Ivey, Senior Principal Analyst, iManage Special Services.

Second to none, our most creative (and certainly most delicious!) event of the year, iMBlack hosted a “Soulful Thanksgiving Recipe Share” leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. During this live virtual event, iMBlack members shared the soul food recipes featured in their Thanksgiving feasts, the history of how these recipes have been passed down through their families, and the important role that soul food plays in Black culture. This incredible event culminated with a live cooking demonstration of sweet potato pie by the one and only Tamikia Alford, Senior Technical Consultant.

“Among many cultures and nationalities, food brings loved ones and friends together. For Black families, whether it's a holiday feast, a Sunday dinner, or a backyard barbeque, you'll find many of the same dishes, in an atmosphere filled with R&B music, dancing, games, laughter, and most importantly, love.” – Brenda Ivey, Senior Principal Analyst, iManage Special Services

To honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the iMBlack iMPact Community promoted a call to action to transform this holiday from a day off, to a day on. Celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., employees across the organization shared how they honored this day, including educating their children about the history of Martin Luther King Jr., attending the HBCU Battle of the Bands to celebrate the history and culture of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and visiting historical sites that honor the history and impact of African-Americans in their area.

A huge thank you to our iMBlack iMPact Community members for their role and partnership in making this Black History Month a meaningful and educational time to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of generations of Black individuals who have helped to shape the nation.

“Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, the possibilities for success often seem limited. Without access to education and equitable job opportunities, many are resigned to accepting things as they are. But my parents raised me to think differently. They encouraged me to aim high and showed me there were no limits when pursuing my dreams. Today I'm part of something truly special: iMBlack, a community comprised of bright, talented, and educated individuals who work together to create new opportunities and bring awareness to important issues in our society. There is so much potential here, and I'm grateful for being a part of this team!" – Van D. Richardson, Head of Information Technology

At iManage, we embrace differences to make a difference. To learn more about our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and how we are working to ensure iManage is a place where we all feel safe and comfortable to be ourselves, check out our DE&I Vision & Strategy.

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