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iMAway: Empowering employee flexibility and well-being

Libbey McMurray

In alignment with our goal to create an irresistible company culture and provide a workplace where every employee thrives, we launched our iMAway flexible time off policy in 2023.

After gathering feedback from employee surveys, conducting various focus groups, and benchmarking against other organizations in the market, leadership heard the desire for more flexibility around time off and iMAway was created.

iMAway is a best-in-class flexible time off policy that meets the diverse needs of our global employee base, treats our people like owners, and builds upon a foundation of trust and respect. At the foundation of the program is personalized flexibility, which means time away when you need it and for a variety of reasons. This includes vacation, big life changes, rest & recharging, spending time with loved ones, volunteering, and many other things.

To reflect on the success of the program in its first year, we spoke with several iManage employees across a variety of departments and locations to learn more about their experiences.

First, we spoke with Olive Buckley, Enterprise Engagement Manager, on how she utilized iMAway during a period of change for her family.



Olive Buckley, Enterprise Engagement Manager

“iMAway could not have come better for my family and I this year. The new policy allowed me to take extra leave that I wouldn’t have really considered before. Due to the upheaval in our lives, I needed more time to spend on our move and then when we had relocated, I had the time to spend with my young children to ensure they had the emotional support they needed after having undertaken a life-changing event.”

Next, we spoke with Sarah Pung, People Technology Senior Specialist, based out of our Chicago office, who recently used her time off to take an international vacation. Sarah spoke with us about her experience with the new iMAway policy, and how she was able to easily coordinate her time off so that she could fully enjoy the beauties of Portugal!



Sarah Pung, People Technology Senior Specialist

“My favorite way I have used iMAway so far is by traveling to new places across the globe! Traveling is something that brings me joy and has a wide range of benefits, both for personal growth and well-being. Exploring new countries has exposed me to different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds and has broadened my perspective on the world.”

Alex Macpherson, Staff Software Engineer based in our London Office, shared how he has utilized iMAway to take time to volunteer within his community. Alex was even able to coordinate with other employees in the office to take time off to volunteer together with the support of their managers and teams.



Alex Macpherson, Staff Software Engineer

“It was a really nice way to give back to the local community—and an enjoyable break from the day-to-day routine! I look forward to future opportunities to support other charitable causes and efforts in our area, and I'm delighted that iManage provides staff the time to do this.”

Olive, Sarah, and Alex all remarked on how iMAway has empowered them to take the time needed to spend time with loved ones, recharge, reset, and pursue their outside passions. While they used their time to volunteer, travel, and relocate, the possibilities of iMAway don’t end there. This time off policy provides critical flexibility for all employees to navigate their unique lives. Whether it be a reset to support mental health, visits from out-of-town loved ones, or a cultural or religious holiday recognized by an employee, iMAway enables every teammate to fulfill their individual needs without compromise.



Sarah Pung, People Technology Senior Specialist

“iMAway provides time off for all team members, no matter their unique circumstances. As a global organization, having the flexibility to take time off for personal reasons, such as family events, travel, or self-care without feeling guilty or running out of traditional vacation days is a great feeling.”



Olive Buckley, Enterprise Engagement Manager

“iManage is there to support you. Knowing there is holiday/vacation time flexibility is really a headspace change for me and others as well. Thank you, iManage.”

So, what’s the best way to take advantage of iMAway? All three participants spoke about the importance of open and transparent communication between themselves and their manager, keeping their teammates up to date with any time away from work, and having the confidence and trust that others will do the same. We asked our participants for their advice on how to get the most from this flexible time off policy.



Alex Macpherson, Staff Software Engineer

“Take the time you need, that you've earned - and that you deserve - to hang out with family or friends, or to just relax! We work hard so we can live our lives—we don't live our lives just to work hard!”



Sarah Pung, People Technology Senior Specialist

Prioritize self-care! Remember, taking time off isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. It helps you recharge your batteries and come back to work with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. So go ahead, book that vacation and enjoy some well-deserved time for yourself.”

We believe taking the time to care for yourself in whatever way works for you is essential to the continued success of our people and our organization. While these stories are fantastic to hear, there are many, many more stories to come as our employees continue to explore the flexibility of this benefit.

If you want to join a team that values your work/life balance, supports your mental well-being, and encourages taking time to reset and recharge, we recommend you to visit our Careers Page or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on new opportunities to join iManage!

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