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Earlier this month we attended the British Legal Technology Forum. We were really pleased to get the chance to “elbow bump” and “toe tap” so many of our customers, partners, and other attendees who turned up to hear the latest and future trends in Legal Technology.

For those unable to attend, we had our team on the ground to provide some highlights from the day.

Frank White (EMEA Sales) you were presenting “#iMDrivingChange – enabling customer success.” Can you summarise what the session was about?

We hear increasingly from firms that they are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, stay current, and deliver new technology to their users, especially as we move to cloud-based delivery and more frequent updates. 

That’s why in 2020 we are launching a specific initiative to provide additional resources and new methods of delivery to support our customers’ enablement and adoption processes to help them achieve success.

At iManage, a focus for us has always been to go beyond the point of sale and offer support throughout the entire enablement and adoption process. Selecting the technology solution is just the start of the journey for our customers. Delivering the benefits and realising the value of the investment through effective enablement and adoption – that’s the true success story. Technology investments are a big undertaking, and it’s the vendor’s responsibility as much as their customers’ to ensure it delivers the intended outcomes for their firm.

Ian Rodgers, (Global Practice Lead, RAVN) you met with a lot of attendees, what did you feel were the main drivers for people coming to the event?

I would break this down into 3 key areas:

  • They wanted more information on legal operations: More specifically, they wanted to learn about legal design thinking. At iManage we’ve applied legal design thinking within several jams that we’ve held, and the AI University sessions we have hosted.

Can you explain what is a jam?

A jam is an interactive workshop style event dedicated to facilitating best practices among professionals and organisations. This approach and philosophy has been growing in popularity amongst law firms.

  • Secondly, they wanted more information on product roadmaps, including ours: When a company is invested in your technology, they are keen to understand how you will be enhancing and evolving the existing product suite. Having a strong roadmap is key to providing that confidence in the product they have chosen and generating excitement for the new features and benefits that it will bring. It’s great talking to and doing demonstrations with customers, as you get to hear first-hand how they would apply what they have seen to their work processes, and how they will use and derive value from new features.
  • Finally – this is a close-knit community, and they wanted to meet with new people and old friends to share their perspectives in legal technology, learn and hopefully take back something useful.

Closing the show for us, Nick Haines– as Pre Sales Consultant on our stand today, what were people most interested in talking to us about?

I would say collaboration was a key theme of the day.  We spoke to several clients who wanted to know more about how iManage Work 10 integrates with Microsoft Teams. The drive for that is simply these are two systems they work with on a day-to-day basis and they want to better understand how they can seamlessly work together.

The other not new but consistent topic we talked to clients about is their journey to the iManage Cloud.  More and more clients are now pushing forward with this in 2020 and the event gave them a great opportunity to discuss this further, ask questions, and to see demonstrations.

So in summary; there is strong appetite within the Legal Technology community to keep in touch and to be at the forefront of what is happening in the British Legal Technology space, to gather knowledge, share best practices, and hear from industry peers which this event offered.

If you want to hear from the iManage team above, follow our LinkedIn feed where we posted a few video updates from BLTF.

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