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There are many exciting things going on at iManage. Not only did I just wrap up my keynote at our biggest user conference to date just hours ago, ConnectLive Chicago 2017, but now I have the great honor to officially announce that we are revolutionizing the way companies find, extract and act on key information from documents and emails through our acquisition of RAVN Systems, UK-based leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Founded in 2010, RAVN has developed an AI platform that can organize, discover and summarize relevant information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data. Businesses are using RAVN’s unique technology to analyze legal documents like contracts and leases, identify information which is privileged or subject to compliance and automate document classification for easier search and governance.

There are certain technologies that can fundamentally impact the trajectory of industries, such as industrial robots in manufacturing or self-driving cars in transportation. We are constantly looking for opportunities to drive significant productivity gains for our customers and have looked closely at AI technology. RAVN has bridged the gap between the potential of AI and its application to real-world business problems.

In addition to continuing to develop RAVN’s AI platform and contract analysis solutions, we will integrate RAVN’s technology into iManage Work Product Management applications enabling organizations to:

  • Auto-classify documents so they may be used or protected based on their content
  • Extract key information from content, including dates, obligations, amounts and more
  • Identify what documents they are holding that are subject to compliance requirements (such as sensitive data for GDPR) to improve risk management
  • Find terms and clauses within content for more effective information re-use and enhanced knowledge management

Peter Wallqvist, Co-founder of RAVN Systems notes, “joining iManage will make it easier to adopt our technology and grant us access to additional resources, new channels to market and direct access to over 3000 iManage organizations worldwide. Our existing customers, many of whom also use iManage, will benefit from improved capabilities, iManage global support and accelerated investment to deliver new, high-value content aware solutions.”

We welcome RAVN Systems, their customers and employees into the iManage family – together we will transform content management and accelerate adoption of AI solutions across the legal and corporate markets.

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About the author

Neil Araujo

As co-founder of iManage and VP/General Manager of the ECM business at HP, Neil was responsible for thought leadership and product strategies before becoming CEO.