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Efficient legal service delivery with the iManage and ServiceNow integration

Aniket Shah

Director of Solutions Outcomes - Product Management, iManage

Many organizations today are focused on making it easier for their teams to work effectively while reducing inefficiency in their processes. Thanks to the new integration between iManage Work and ServiceNow, a Legal Service Delivery application, they can do both.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables organizations to improve operational efficiency by streamlining and automating routine work tasks. By integrating the document management capabilities of iManage Work with ServiceNow, organizations can simplify their operations, optimize processes, and improve collaboration.

Key benefits of the iManage and ServiceNow integration

  • Seamless document management: The integration enables effortless document exchange between departments and automates tasks initiated in ServiceNow within iManage. This seamless flow of documents and information across departments ensures documents are generated, updated, and shared effectively.
  • Enhanced workflow efficiency: Workflow automation accelerates task completion by reducing manual effort and errors. For instance, legal teams can automate the review and approval processes for contracts, while IT teams can streamline incident management by generating incident reports and related documents in iManage through ServiceNow triggers.
  • Optimized collaboration: Documents stored within iManage can be easily accessed and linked directly from ServiceNow, simplifying communication and decision-making among teams. Easy access to iManage documents from ServiceNow makes it easier to collaborate.
  • Centralized document control: Documents are centrally stored in iManage. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, improving efficiency and ensuring that the right documents are accessible to the right individuals at the right time.
  • Data accuracy: The integration ensures data consistency by synchronizing documents between ServiceNow and iManage. This minimizes the chances of data duplication or discrepancies while ensuring data consistency between ServiceNow and iManage.

A comprehensive solution for efficient collaboration

Whether it's legal, IT, or project management, this integration makes it easier for teams to work together while reducing workflow problems. Discover what the integration between iManage Work and ServiceNow can do for you by visiting the iManage page in the latest ServiceNow Vancouver Release.

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