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By moving to iManage Work in the cloud, Hirsch Roberts Weinstein finds the reliability and mobility a modern law firm requires.

In 2018, premier litigation, labor, and employment law firm Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP (HRW) was experiencing recurrent downtime issues with their on-premises document management system (DMS). The indexer crashed frequently, and to add insult to injury, it often took days to weeks to get a support person on the phone. Working remotely was also almost impossible with their on-premises system. It was time for a change.

“We knew we wanted to move to the cloud to make it easier to work remotely, improve security, and have the most up-to-date version,” said Erin D. Reed, Managing Director, HRW.

Looking toward the cloud for document management

HRW began researching cloud-based alternatives. Although they considered the cloud version of their legacy system, the poor support offered by their provider pushed the firm to look into other solutions.

When consulting customer references, iManage customers praised the stable uptime and performance that iManage Work in the cloud offered— the highest service levels in the industry at over 99.992%, enabled by a resilient and highly available cloud architecture. The ringing endorsements from iManage customers solidified the firm’s choice to switch to iManage.

Reliable document management from anywhere

After deploying iManage Work in the cloud, HRW enjoys greater stability from industry-leading uptime and reliable performance. Their new cloud-based DMS also makes remote work easy—something that became even more crucial in 2020.

Reed says that cloud migration has been a true success for HRW.

“iManage Work in the cloud has been a big improvement over our legacy system. The DMS is much more reliable and has made our lives easier. We’re glad we made the switch.”

More law firms pursue cloud migration

Although Hirsch Roberts Weinstein was ahead of the curve by migrating to the cloud in 2018, more and more law firms are seeing the benefits and following suit. In fact, an ILTA survey found that 72% of firms believed their use of cloud technology would increase—and this number has surely only risen during the pandemic.

For HRW (and many other firms), cloud migration was a move worth making. Learn more in the HRW case study.

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