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Throughout Summer 2022, we hosted 22 college students in our Chicago office for our 10-week internship program offering the chance to gain real-world exposure into all things iManage and truly #MakeItMeanSomething. 

With placement opportunities across our engineering, marketing, design, and customer success teams, our iManage U Class of 2022 had a tremendous positive impact that was felt across the organization. 

With the program wrapped and our interns returned to school, we reflected on the great summer we shared and asked our iManage U alumni to share more about their ten weeks with iManage. 

Meet our full roster of interns 

  • Harsha Gajja – Python Engineering Intern, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Computer Science & Statistics 
  • Matthew Allen – Intelligence Engineering Intern, University of Minnesota – Computer Science 
  • Gabriella Hoover – Software in Test Engineering Intern, DePaul University - Computer Science & Software Development 
  • Julia Jakimiuk – Marketing Intern, DePaul University – Finance Major, Minor in Digital Marketing 
  • Sarvesh Joshi – Application Security Intern, DePaul University – Masters in Cyber Security 
  • Adrian Araujo – UX Design Intern, Tulane University – Double Major in Psychology & Economics, Minor in UX  
  • Eric Gassel – Java Engineering Intern, Carleton College – Computer Science 
  • Sarah Wu – Customer Success Intern, Vanderbilt University – Human & Organizational Development, Minor in Data Science and Business 


The class of 2022 share their experiences and accomplishments


What sort of support/mentorship did you experience over the course of your internship? 

Eric: I got a lot of support from the other engineers, one being my mentor and one being someone else willing to help. They were eager to help, walked me through certain things, always answered my questions. 

Julia: I had a mentor who supported me through choosing which marketing path to go through and other career-related things. They gave me new outlooks on other aspects of the tech industry. 

Gabriella: I had weekly meetings with my mentor and my manager. We would talk things over – what I’m working on, going over internship experience so far; if anything was a challenge, what’s going well.    


What was your favorite part of interning at iManage? 

Eric: It was very learning-focused, which allowed me to meet a lot of new people, and was part of a healthy and fun work environment. I was able to develop my skills by working on real projects. 

Adrian: There were lots of things I enjoyed – the amount of real-world experience and the impact of your work, you can see. I was doing real work that matters to the company, and it showed that the work isn’t just busy work, but what you would work on in the future, as a professional in your career.  

Sarvesh: Getting hands-on experience with real-world application.  


Describe your iManage internship in 3 words? 

Gabriella: Interesting. Meaningful. Formative. 

Sarah: Collaborative. Creative. Welcoming. 

Eric: Learned. A. Lot. 


What have you enjoyed most about the culture at iManage? 

Eric: It’s very people-driven. It’s a culture that tries to foster growth for each of their employees and wants to provide opportunities for its people to learn new skills or apply new skills that they aren’t already using. 

Adrian: It is really easy to ask questions and communicate with all the employees. It never feels like there is someone I can’t talk to/ask questions. The people are great and everyone helps each other. 

Julia: Everyone is so supportive about passions, what they like, and how they celebrate one another. 

Harsha: I really like how everyone enjoys working here (and always have smiles on their faces). Everyone here is open, friendly, and congenial. 


What projects have you been working on? 

Julia: Competitor research; it helps to research different companies and customers because you gain more knowledge about industry challenges.

Gabriella: I’ve been updating test cases for the iManage Conflicts Manager and security, risk, and governance software. 

Matthew: I’ve been collecting development metrics and working on the tickets that suit my skillset best. 


What does a typical day at iManage look like?   

Adrian: Depending on the day, we have team meetings in the morning, and then work on projects, with a few meetings throughout the day with members of the team to share feedback. 

Matthew: We start with a team stand-up in the morning to frame what I will focus on throughout the day. While working on projects, if I get caught up in anything, I can Slack others to get help. At the end of the day, I catch up with my manager/mentor to address any questions. 


What advice do you have for next year’s interns? 

Gabriella: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You don’t need to be nervous about anything – this is meant to be a learning experience.  

Sarvesh: Give 110% because you shouldn’t waste this opportunity.  

Adrian: Really take advantage of the people within your team/department. They have great feedback to help you improve in whatever field you’re in.  

Sarah: Take advantage of your time, don’t be shy. Keep your mind open and go talk to people.  


If you have had an internship before, what is different about interning at iManage? 

Julia: This is a bigger company, where I’ve gotten to meet more people and get different point-of-views and advice. There are a lot of things going on, it’s always eventful.  

Harsha: iManage communicates a lot and you get to meet all the other interns and know what the other teams are doing. Coming in-person was one of the best parts! Having a dedicated mentor was a big difference – actively having someone there to help guide you through, or if you ever needed clarification on a process. 


A huge thank you to our iManage U class of 2022! We will miss your contagious energy and work contributions, but look forward to keeping in touch and seeing all that you accomplish next! It’s never too soon to start thinking about our next summer!

Interested in joining the iManage U class of 2023? Keep an eye on our Linkedin account for information on our next intake.  


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