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Class of 2021: The iManage U Summer Internship program goes hybrid style!

Alyssa Hruskocy

We think it's safe to say that most people left 2020 thinking ‘2021 will be better, and we'll be back to normal in no time!'. While we're all *hopefully* thinking the same for 2022, this year required us to adapt once again so we could stick to our commitment to provide a fulfilling internship experience. And as the world of work around us settles into a new hybrid way of working, so too did our Class of 2021 iManage U Internship Program, split between remote work and our Chicago office.

iManage U provides students with the chance to experience a dynamic, rapid growth technology company firsthand. iManage offers a structured 10-week program that delivers project-based activities, improved knowledge of business fundamentals, tackling complex problem solving, collaboration & team building and some fun Chicago experiences along the way!

Every year, we offer the opportunity to host interns across our teams in the business to gain real-world exposure into all things iManage and truly #MakeItMeanSomething. We offer mentorship from team members, networking events, and exposure to the latest tech stack on which our teams are working.

Hybrid theory and practical realities

This year, we hosted 16 interns out of our brand-new Chicago office. As we all did in 2021, we had to remain flexible and reshape our program to fit the needs of our hybrid working model. Interns were onboarded virtually, met most of their team members through Zoom, and learned how to manage their working days from the comfort of their own homes. 

We were thankful to host two in-person events where our interns could meet one another, meet some of our executive team, and work together to create care packages for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. At the end of our program, we came together to share our project successes, our takeaways from the program, and advice to future interns that walk into iManage.

The class of 2021 share their experiences and accomplishments

Ashley Stojak, Software Engineer Intern

What was your favorite part of interning at iManage? Getting to work with knowledgeable and kind people. My team was very welcoming, which made working at iManage a great experience

What have you enjoyed most about the culture at iManage? I enjoyed how the culture at iManage focuses on collaboration and being supportive towards your team members

What project have you been working on? My project was to build an extension for iManage's Work Web application that utilized data from Microsoft Teams

Alex Israelov, Software Engineer Intern

What was your favorite part of interning at iManage? I really loved learning new libraries/frameworks/tools (Express, Chart.JS, PugJS) and getting practice in languages I don't use very often.

What sort of support/mentorship did you experience over the course of your internship?  My mentor and I met every Thursday to talk about how my internship was going and what problems I had. It was a *major* plus that my mentor was working on much of the same things as me and my intern counterpart, meaning he was able to help me quite a bit during our meetings.

What have you enjoyed most about the culture at iManage?  The friendly and knowledgeable people - no doubt about it.

Ali Bokhari, Software Engineer Intern

What was your favorite part of interning at iManage? I would say it's a tie between the work I get to do and the team I get to work with. The work I get to come in and do every day always leaves me feeling like my skill set is thoroughly being utilized and that my skill set is growing. It's an incredibly fulfilling experience. As for the team, they have all been incredibly nice, helpful, and great people to work with!

What sort of support/mentorship did you experience over the course of your internship? I came into the internship fearing I would receive little to no help or guidance. Instead, I got feedback every day, could always ask the team for help with things I didn't understand, was given work that was progressively more challenging than the last thing I worked on (which really helped me realize my own growth), and had all my accomplishments recognized. The team did an amazing job supporting and mentoring me throughout the internship.

What advice do you have for next year's intake? Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Take on projects that interest you because it will make the work even more interesting. Don't be afraid to ask questions but remember that finding answers on your own is an invaluable skill. Have fun and be yourself!

Danny Berner, Marketing Intern

What sort of support/mentorship did you experience over the course of your internship? There was a lot of support. Pretty much anything I had an interest in I was given projects for and got to help with. Any questions I had were answered very quickly and the team was always ready to help with and meet with me.

What does a typical day look like? Each day will change based on my tasks. I usually start with Slacking members of my team and talking for a little bit. Then I start checking emails and seeing if there are any projects that someone sent me. I then check leads from our LinkedIn advertising campaigns and send them to the sales teams by region. Then I will work on some bigger projects and anything that the team sends me. I will also have meetings throughout the day.

What has been your favorite part of interning at iManageI liked that every day was different and I got to work with multiple teams in different fields and got to learn a lot about business, marketing, and the industry.

Ready to join the iManage U class of 2022?

Come what may, our commitment to helping you get the skills and experience you need to take that next step in your career and Make Knowledge WorkTM means we go again next year. Keep your eyes peeled on our dedicated iManage Internship Linkedin page for details of how to get involved with the iManage U 2022 intake process, and get ready to learn on the job with people who set you up for a successful career ahead where you will #MakeItMeanSomething.

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