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Boutique law firm is leveraging modern cloud architecture to provide best-in-class services with a personalized client experience

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“With iManage, we can provide a level of service that allows us to compete with any major traditional firm.” – Michael Rosenblum, Founding Partner and Principal, Sub Rosa Law

The founding partners of Sub Rosa Law – a recently founded boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida that provides an international client base with specialized estate planning services – envisioned a new kind of boutique law firm. One that would harness powerful, innovative legal technology to provide best-in-class services typical of larger institutions, combined with the responsive and personalized experience expected by clients seeking a boutique firm.

The forward-thinking firm evaluated and chose iManage Cloud and Work 10 as its work product management solution. iManage Cloud’s high reliability, powerful search, mobility, user experience, and ongoing updates of innovative capabilities were key drivers in Sub Rosa Law’s decision, along with iManage Cloud’s ability to minimize IT overhead for the firm.

Specifically, Sub Rosa Law sought a solution that would:

  • Support a team of lawyers working anywhere on any device
  • Include robust search and versioning features to help manage complex document lifecycles
  • Be simple to use and deploy in the cloud, delivering high performance while eliminating the need for specialized IT staff
  • Serve as a true differentiator to enable a practice of Sub Rosa Law’s size to compete against larger firms and attract associates eager to use technology to provide agile, client-focused service

“If I were forced to make a choice,” says Rosenblum, “I would give up my office space before I gave up using iManage.”

The iManage solution has empowered Sub Rosa Law to be more nimble, flexible, and client focused. To learn more about Sub Rosa Law’s iManage evaluation and implementation experience, read this case study from iManage implementation partner, RBRO Solutions.

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