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In the competitive landscape of sales, finding a company that aligns with your long-term career aspirations can be like discovering a hidden gem. For John Citta, the job search was defined by the pursuit of sustainability and a clear path for growth. As he navigated through his search, John got a peak into the culture of iManage and what makes this a phenomenal place to build your career in sales. In this interview with Built In, he shares what went into his decision to join our team.

The following is excerpted from the original article by Built In. Check out the full feature article here.

As a sales representative, what were you looking for in your next role when you started your most recent job search?

The biggest thing I was looking for in my next career move was sustainability and a career path with a clear path to promotion. Also, when looking at various software platforms, they often get referred to as “legacy solutions,” and this was not what I was looking for.

I wanted to work for a company that:

  • Has seen consistent growth over the past four to five years.
  • Focuses on innovation and adding new features.
  • Prioritizes listening to their customer base.

What stood out to you about your current employer, and how has that perception changed since you started?

Since joining iManage, two things have stood out. Many employees have been here for more than five years. The tenure and loyalty of the employee base is something I’ve never seen before at any other organization. People have been here to see the platform and customer base grow. This says a lot about the organization and how leadership ensures this is a place where people want to continue to work and make an impact.

Also, many customers have been using iManage for over ten years. The platform has continued to grow with the market and hasn’t fallen into the legacy-type category.

From a selling perspective, what sets this company apart from others you’ve worked at in the past?

The onboarding process in sales can often be very disjointed at places I’ve worked prior. At iManage, they take an interesting and effective approach: you have objectives that you need to hit, but you also have a buddy on the team, someone more senior, who walks through onboarding with you. So it’s not just you going through Lessonly independently and risking not retaining information. It’s awesome to have a structure and support for the learning process.

Another thing that has set iManage apart is the cohesiveness of the teams. iManage has been very intentional with the leaders of the organization. It shows a commitment to growth and the success of the reps. My manager is invested in not just my professional goals but also my personal goals. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced that care and investment in me as a person, not just an employee, from a manager.

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With our focus on personalized mentorship and genuine investment in long term employee growth, iManage has proven that we're more than just a workplace—we are truly a place where employees can thrive. If you are interested in pursuing a new role with any of our growing teams, explore our open positions here and apply to learn more! 

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