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A vision-defined platform that eliminates barriers to growth

Heidi Hanson

Content Marketing Editor Senior Specialist, iManage

Kenneth Jones at Tanenbaum Keale LLP told us that the role of the IT department is to make life easier for attorneys by finding the best systems and pulling them together to create a seamless user experience.

Let’s unpack that a bit, because Jones makes it sound deceptively simple, and what his team accomplished for the organization is pretty significant.

The firm wanted a solution that would:

  • Align with its cloud-first strategy
  • Enable safe, secure access to documents from anywhere
  • Provide rich features to support everyday productivity
  • Integrate seamlessly with other solutions in its legal tech stack
  • Grow and scale in line with the emerging business

Focus on what matters most

Tanenbaum Keale LLP wanted their attorneys and legal professionals to be able to focus on the work that matters most to them without thinking about the tools that make that possible. They knew that an integrated solution would enable attorneys to be more productive in fewer clicks.

iManage is closely aligned with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Salesforce — as well as legal-specific applications the firm uses — which means attorneys are working with familiar solutions and the firm has more opportunity to share data.

It was also important to Tanenbaum Keale LLP that iManage is a highly respected platform, for the extra level of assurance it gives to clients — enhancing the firm’s value proposition and making them more competitive.

Cost-effective, scalable growth

Jones said that putting everything in the cloud is one of Tanenbaum Keale’s core strategic imperatives to control costs and mitigate risk. They engaged iManage partner Micro Strategies to implement iManage Work in the Cloud and onboarded users soon after the firm’s inception in 2017, so the transition to remote work in 2020 was seamless.

The team takes full advantage of the rich feature set that iManage Work 10 offers, including enhanced searches, the Outlook Work Panel, and drag and drop filing, helping them work more efficiently. With iManage Share, attorneys also work easily work securely whether remote or in the office, and the firm has a cost-effective, scalable solution that supports its growth plans.

“iManage single-handedly removes any document management related barriers to growth,” said Jones.

Read the full case study.

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