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25 years of iManage – employees share memories on company anniversary

Inside iManage

Over the course of this week, iManage is celebrating several company milestones and highlighting our various memories and successes as an organization.

We’re taking this time to acknowledge both our 25-year history of providing work product management solutions and reaching 5 years as an independent company that’s gone back to its roots to ensure we continue to honor the values that brought us together.

iManage has 25 years of depth in our industry, but is still working toward our full potential, by evolving our technology solutions for our ever-changing clients. In doing this, we’ve been able to strengthen and grow in terms of employees and market share over the past 5 years.

Along with several internal and external-facing events and promotions to highlight these milestones, we’ve asked several of our employees what working at iManage means to them and to share some of their favorite memories of their times at the company.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

A culture of dedicated employees

“I like that the working culture at iManage is open and friendly. There’s a high energy level and due diligence across team members where we are able to share ideas and viewpoints, and challenge the status quo.” – Pradeep Chand, GM of the Bangalore office. iManage employee for 5 years.

“iManage to me is the people I have collaborated with, sharing the same contagious passion, commitments and morals, across departments to churn the customer feedback into innovative improvements toward improved customer relations and product user adoption.” – Asna Khan, Customer Support, Chicago office. iManage employee for 10 years.

Family atmosphere

“Working at iManage to me means I’m continually learning, meeting new people, and growing. I’ve stayed because of all the great people that I’ve been able to work with. iManage is truly a family place.” Gene Kratochvil, Research and Development, Chicago office. iManage employee for 15 years.

“iManage is about the people, the work, the culture, and the fun employees. At iManage we have a beautiful family of talented professionals.” Smita Handique, Research and Development, Bangalore office. iManage employee for 5 years.

“My favorite memory is that I met my wife at iManage.” Karl Gabbey, Customer Support, Chicago office. iManage employee 2007-2011, 2015-current.

Excitement around the vision for the revitalized company

“The day we became iManage again, the evening before, we wanted to make the place special for day 1, so we started decorating the office. The excitement and spirit was there to see. It felt like we were getting ready for a festival.” Bala S., Research and Development, Bangalore office. iManage employee for 5 years.

“5 years ago when we were about to be on our own, a week before we were due to leave, I found our entire support team sitting in our new office. We started at 100 miles an hour and we haven’t looked back. We’ve been going full steam for 5 years. It’s so fast, so exciting, and it doesn’t seem to stop.” Geoff Hornsby, GM, EMEA, London office. iManage employee for 20 years.

“When I talked to people about the divestiture and what the vision was for the support team and iManage as a whole, I couldn’t say no to come back. There’s every reason to come back day after day and look forward to what’s ahead.” Karl Gabbey, Customer Support, Chicago office.

Memorable events

“My favorite memory of iManage is in Stockholm in 2019. We had just finished a marathon of events around Europe. We all had a feeling that we did a good job.” Natalia Lucia, Marketing, London office. iManage employee for 3 years.

“My favorite iManage memory was when we did the buyout and then we had our first Sales Kick-Off in Chicago. We were at a really nice restaurant and there was only a few of us. And all of a sudden, they call my name out with Deborah Garcia and we had won sales team of the year.” Stephen Murphy, Sales London office. iManage employee for 17 years.

“My favorite time at iManage are at events, celebrating. The whole event of taking ConnectLIve virtual then seeing the feedback we got from customers really put into context why we do what we do. All the hours we put into making that event take place felt like it was all worth it. Seeing what they had to say was special and is a memory I will hold on to.” Laura Whitehead, Marketing, London office. iManage employee for 2.5 years.

Now, 25 years later, iManage is still just getting started. If you want to learn how you can find meaning in your career, come join our family! Check us out at

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