For knowledge workers, document management systems and task management tools have typically been two separate platforms, requiring manual linking and rekeying—until now.

Project-centric task and checklist management

iManage Tracker is the first and only task management application fully integrated with iManage Work 10, reducing context-switching to improve productivity. Tracker management is designed to empower knowledge workers and their leaders to take control of their work. With Tracker, users can organize tasks and content, improve visibility, and reduce risk.


Keeps documents, emails, and tasks organized by client, matter, and/or project.

Works where you work

Natively embedded with both iManage Work and Microsoft Office.


Full-project visibility

Tracker provides both a high-level and detailed overview of all tasks, organized at the client, project, user, or matter level, for better visibility into your work.

Built to scale

Reduce time lost on manual re-keying and standardize team processes with pre-populated lists.

Secured at every level

Task security and access are governed by iManage need-to-know security to protect sensitive information.

Get a peek at Tracker

Watch this video to see how iManage integrated trackers improves work visibility, reduces risks, and empowers knowledge workers.

Tracker Key Features

  • Organizes all tasks by matter, client, or project, and provides immediate visibility from any platform with iManage Work.

  • Enables one-click access directly from a task to the relevant document or email message.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office tools and iManage Work to reduce time looking for content.

  • Dynamic workflows to manage review and approval, identify any roadblocks, and manage project status.

  • Easily converts emails into tasks with simple drag and drop, so assignments are visible in the task list, and nothing gets missed.

  • Need to know security and ethical walls protect unintended disclosure of sensitive information.

Project-centric task and checklist management

Tracker is designed to empower knowledge workers and their leaders to take control of their work. Learn more about what Tracker can do for your organization in our datasheet.

Let us show you how

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