Threat Manager

Sophisticated threat detection, intervention to prevent data loss, analytics and data governance to protect sensitive content with compliance monitoring.

Save costs, reduce risks with compliance monitoring

Save operational costs by reducing the risk associated with lateral departure.

> 50%

reduction in forensic investigation costs

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Advanced threat detection, mitigation, and compliance monitoring

iManage Threat Manager helps organizations protect sensitive information from internal and external threat vectors using innovative technology including adaptive behavior modeling and machine learning to continuously monitor, alert and secure critical knowledge work.

Protect sensitive information

Cutting edge technology and advanced forensics detects threats faster to safeguard critical knowledge work.

Manage and control risk

Reduce the risk associated with lateral departures, employee attrition and user error.

Prevent data loss

Rapidly detect and neutralise sophisticated threats with smart alerts.

Increase confidence

Compliance and Governance reports show how sensitive information is managed with better visibility and control for audit enquiry.

Detect non-filers

Help comply with regulatory, organization, or client mandates and policies.

Easy to deploy

Rapid setup and simple activation as part of the iManage Knowledge Platform, on any device at any location.

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Threat Manager Benefits

Detect and neutralize sophisticated threats

  • Adaptive behavioral modeling detects abnormal behavior.
  • Machine learning uncovers sophisticated attacks.
  • IP analytics pinpoint attacks involving stolen credentials.

Protect sensitive information and accelerate compliance

  • Detect users who circumvent the document management system.
  • Granular activity monitoring for sensitive projects.
  • Detect incorrect usage patterns.

Accelerate forensic investigation and drive efficiencies

  • Interactive charts and visualizations put relevant information at an investigator’s fingertips.
  • Intuitive user interfaces and reporting enable the dynamic attack reconstruction.
  • Quickly access the scope of the breach, the clients, and matters impacted.

Integration with the Enterprise IT Security Stack

  • REST APIs enable SIEM integration.
  • Display alerts from Threat Manager in the Enterprise SIEM.
  • Modern development architecture makes it easy to build integrations.

Safeguarding your sensitive information

A comprehensive, layered approach to security keeps sensitive documents and emails safe from external threat actors and internal misuse. Discover the many ways that iManage protects what matters to your business.

Threat Manager Key Features

  • Machine learning and adaptive behavioral modeling detects and neutralizes malicious attacks.

  • IP analytics to detect attacks involving compromised credentials aka phishing attacks.

  • Near real-time threat detection and powerful forensics to detect and neutralize attacks quickly.

  • Compliance reports to detect non-filers.

  • User, client, and matter activity reports to manager sensitive information with greater visibility and control.

  • Outlier analysis detects sophisticated attacks performed at low activity levels.

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