Enjoy a consistent, intuitive, and secure way to store, search, and access files no matter when or where you're working, even if you're offline.

Document management done right

iManage Drive empowers every knowledge worker to work more productively with business content and communications. Drive looks and feels like a shared network drive, enabling users to easily store, search, and retrieve documents with no training required.

Drive broader user adoption

Engage every user with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience.

Improve knowledge management

Ensure that high-value content is secure, searchable, and shareable to improve collaboration and knowledge management.

Enhance security and governance

Work securely and eliminate risks from information silos or unsecured drives.

Work your way, anywhere

Take documents or workspaces offline, then sync changes automatically when you reconnect.

iManage Drive customer outcomes


customers using iManage Drive


user training required

iManage Drive Key Features

  • Looks and feels like a Windows Explorer network drive.

  • Installs in two minutes, with no IT support required.

  • Lets users access, edit, and save documents directly to Work 10.

  • Users can take documents or entire workspaces offline, do their work, then sync automatically.

  • Tools to help power users do more, like rename files in bulk, work with zip files, or uploading to third-party apps.

  • Delivers faster performance and a better user experience for remote offices.

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Watch this two-minute video to see how iManage Drive eliminates data silos, increases user adoption, and improves security and governance.

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