Conflicts Manager

Enhance risk management, streamline conflicts checking, and realize competitive advantage with conflicts checking software.

Conflicts management understood and evolved​

iManage Conflicts Manager is a sophisticated solution which provides firms with a 360-degree view of all types of conflicts, AI-supported issue spotting, interactive multi-device clearance options, and comprehensive audit history all implemented and continuously enhanced and supported by industry experts.

Reduce time and increase engagement

Get optimized search and analysis, tailored reporting, and flexible clearance handling via desktop or mobile.

Ensure accuracy and transparency of results

Trusted results are delivered via an intuitive interface that organizes massive data volumes into a consumable format.

Enable focused analysis and better decisions

Intelligent search processing streamlines repetitive tasks, increasing conflicts expert time for high-value analysis.

Increase efficiency through broad integration options

Single search core internal platforms, bespoke databases, and key external sources; embed change with additional iManage product integrations.

Deliver cost-effective risk management long-term

Delivers fast, standardized, simplified conflicts check processes that eliminate lengthy and complex staff training.

Enhance data quality and realize commercial benefits

Combine the solution with our expertise to ensure quality data capture and extended downstream value.

Conflicts Manager Customer Outcomes


potential time saved identifying conflicts


potential time saved to clear conflicts

Let us show you how

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Conflicts Manager Key Features

  • Deep integration with iManage Business Intake Manager, Work and Security Policy Manager products for seamless processing.

  • Discrete Corporate Intelligence interface supports ongoing, proactive management of valuable company ownership data.

  • Product evolution continually driven by direct experience and feedback from many long-standing client-user relationships.

  • Extensible information management, offering conflicts experts multiple means of reference data refinement and enrichment.

  • Honed, configurable reporting options, continually developed and enhanced in line with real-world requirements.

  • Subject matter expert-led implementations based on sector experience, using a proven, consultative approach and methodology.

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Trust and transparency delivered

iManage Conflicts Manager brings clarity to conflicts check results, with:

  • Powerful search synonym functionality dramatically reduces search time
  • Results view designs based on direct experience
  • Intelligent match-based filtering functionality

Meeting individualized needs

iManage Conflicts Manager recognizes commonalities and differences across firms’ conflict checking practices and priorities, offering:

  • Wide staffing and process model support.
  • Multi-layered filtering rules to promote specific firm policy.
  • Valuable default product configurations with optional flexibility built in.

Want to learn more?

iManage Conflicts Manager is used and trusted by many law firms and legal departments across the globe. Find out more about how we can help.