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The Power to Classify, Extract and Understand Your Documents With AI

As a busy professional, you need to sort through your content quickly and efficiently.

You can do this with iManage RAVN — a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform that powers a number of applications to automatically organize, discover and summarize your documents. The iManage RAVN platform sets the pace of the market allowing all types of organizations to increase efficiency, increase productivity and mitigate risk.

Automated Document Classification and Extraction Software for Lawyers

Many firms face increasing pressure to cut costs, while sorting through a growing number of documents. When their document management system is outdated, they cannot keep up. In today’s fast-paced climate, you need a dedicated law firm document extraction software that will allow you to classify and extract your important documents at the click of a button.

iManage RAVN harnesses the innovative power of AI to understand and organize content in your documents. The system analyzes and extracts key data points from documents such as leases, loan portfolios, or M&A documents, allowing you to perform due diligence, financial statement reviews, and other necessary tasks with ease.

Experience the Benefits of Innovative Law Firm Document Extraction Software

The award-winning iManage RAVN offers a host of benefits, allowing lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and other modern professionals to eliminate manual document sorting and the associated costs and risks. With our state-of-the-art AI technology, you can:

  • Increase profit margins by reducing labor costs associated with manual document extraction
  • Mitigate risks by eliminating human inaccuracies
  • Increase the efficiency of your operation by finding documents faster and redeploying staff to more productive and rewarding tasks

Explore iManage RAVN Products:

  • iManage RAVN Insight

    Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification

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  • iManage RAVN Extract

    Automatically read, interpret, and extract key information from documents

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“I was very excited when I heard the news of the iManage acquisition of RAVN. Because we have a relationship with RAVN and we are also iManage customers, I could immediately see the synergies of our document management provider and the AI capabilities of RAVN. We have just scratched the surface with the exercises we have done so far, and I just see this technology getting better and better.”

-Lucy Dillon, Chief Knowledge Officer, Reed Smith

Explore iManage RAVN solutions for solving common business problems:

  • iManage M & A Contracts Due Diligence Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from loan portfolios and other M & A documents

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  • iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from leases

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  • iManage ISDA MA, CSA Robot

    Simple and efficient automated review for repapering ISDAs

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  • iManage TimeCard Narrative Classification Robot

    Improve time accuracy classification within law firms

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