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Manage documents, emails and more in a single engagement file

Access your work product from anywhere on any device in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage Work makes it easy to collaborate with your team and stakeholders in a secure and governed manner.

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How professionals want to work

Improve productivity
Suggested email filing keeps you ahead of inbox overload
Make better decisions
Document timelines, dashboards and analytics cut through clutter enabling faster, better decisions
Find everything
Search across all work product (documents, emails, images) automatically tuned to your work style
Be more responsive
Secure mobile access means you can view and edit your work from anywhere
Work smarter
Integrates seamlessly with the applications you’re already using to save time

Get your project teams on the same page with unified, secure engagement folders

Organize emails and document attachments side-by-side with other work product, boosting efficiency and saving valuable time.

All content is managed by engagement, secured to the project team based on policy and full text searchable so your professionals are never more than a few clicks away from what they want to see.

Integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and Lotus Notes make emails that are typically locked away in individual inboxes part of the shared and governed engagement file.

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Work in Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Outlook

iManage Work fully integrates with Microsoft Office, including Office 365. Manage emails and documents, even client collaboration—all from within the familiar Outlook folders.

Incoming emails are analyzed and, based on analytics, the system suggests a filing location so you can file emails with just a single click. Previously filed emails are clearly marked, so you don’t waste time filing what your colleagues have already filed.

Save files directly into iManage from the “save” command in Office and Office 365. Full integration with Adobe Acrobat, document comparison and other tools means that no matter what tools you need to get your job done—it’s just a click away with iManage Work.

Download iManage Desktop Datasheet

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One search across emails documents and all work product

With iManage personalized search, you search across the entire organization including all emails, documents, and images, and receive prioritized results based on your search patterns. Even scanned documents, which can be transformed into searchable text with iManage OCR, are included in search results.

Download OCR Datasheet

Keep your iOS users productive on the road—connected or not

iOS is the most dominant professional mobile user interface. iManage mobility makes the entire electronic project file available to any user on any iOS device.

Find, retrieve and even edit key documents using Microsoft Office for iOS. File emails and respond to client or internal requests with better information and more rapidly. An on-device briefcase enables secure storage of critical work product so access is enabled, even when off-line.

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See what our customers are saying about iManage mobility.

Share with internal and external collaborators

iManage Share enables your project teams to collaborate with internal or external parties quickly and easily.

  • Share and collaborate with external parties directly from iManage Work with a single click
  • Complete audit trail of all actions for enhanced governance
  • Replace risky emails with secure, governed links to content
  • Initiate collaboration at any time, with no dependence on IT
  • Automate metadata scrubbing; compare internal and external documents with a single click

iManage offers integration with Microsoft SharePoint which enables iManage searches and content to be exposed inside SharePoint portals.

Download iManage Share Datasheet

Download iManage Work SharePoint Datasheet

Work with confidence – security and governance are covered

iManage provides a secured, governed environment for your work product.

With iManage Work, security is set by project or client, and automatically enforced across emails and other work product to ensure compliance with client requirements or regulatory policies. As content is added to folders, it is automatically secured as per policy.

All information may be encrypted at rest to support HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Simplified administration and control across all iManage products

iManage Control Center provides customers with a central console to control all core functionality within their iManage products. iManage Control Center introduces key functionality which eliminates the need for 2-tier tools which access data directly, providing authentication and authorization control for specific functions within iManage products.

iManage Control Center is offered out-of-the-box with iManage products, eliminating the need for customers to craft custom tools or scripts to perform key administrative jobs within their deployments.

iManage Control Center is compatible with iManage Work 9.5 and higher, and works with either on-premises implementation or in the iManage Cloud.

Download iManage Control Center Datasheet

See how customers are benefiting from the newest releases from iManage.

iManage Cloud or on-premises – You decide

iManage Work is available as a cloud service, an on-premises deployment or both.

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professional work product management. Users can work effectively whether on high or low bandwidth connections and even disconnected. iManage Cloud delivers optimized experience when working with large files, fully secured and backed-up worldwide data centers, and the ability to shift system maintenance outages to avoid impacting important projects.

Works with the tools you use every day

Professionals rely upon a variety of tools to get their work done efficiently. Beyond relying on the core authoring tools such as Microsoft office and key publishing tools like Adobe acrobat, professionals also work with specialized tools for managing footers, citations, research, metadata scrubbing, and document comparison to name just a few. iManage as leader of work product management for professionals integrates with dozens of the tools professionals rely upon in industries such as legal accounting and financial services. Our integrations are robust and make professionals more productive and professional work more satisfying.

  • Metadata Scrubbing
  • Document Comparison
  • File sharing
  • SharePoint
  • Outlook
  • MS Office
  • Work_Screen5-2_MetaData@2x

    iManage supports integrations with popular redlining and metadata cleaning tools from companies like WorkShare, Litera & DocsCorp.

  • Work_Screen4_docCompare@2x

    iManage integrates with popular document comparison tools to provide seamless integration when comparing versions of documents.

  • Work_Screen6_SecureFile@2x

    Create a secure cloud folder, upload content and see what clients have uploaded without leaving the Outlook or other iManage interfaces.

  • Work_Screen2_sharepoint2x

    A library of SharePoint web parts enables a seamless integrated display and search of iManage documents within SharePoint sites.

  • Work_Screen3Outlook@2x

    iManage Work offers full document management and email management functionality from within the native Microsoft Outlook interface.

  • Work_Screen1_office@2x

    Fully integrated with Office, editing and saving content is done through familiar interfaces reducing adoption friction and training.

Scott-Shaw copy_BW

“The move to iManage has enabled significant changes in how our attorneys organize their work product, including documents and email. It has made it much easier to find documents and the matter-­‐centric file structure makes sense to our lawyers.”

–Scott Shaw, CTO, FordHarrison

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