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iManage Work 10

Interwoven Document Management System for Professionals

Access your work product from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage Work 10 features dozens of new enhancements to make you more productive and makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your team and stakeholders in a secure and governed manner.

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How professionals want to work

Improve productivity
Suggested email filing keeps you ahead of inbox overload
Make better decisions
Document timelines, dashboards and analytics cut through clutter enabling faster, better decisions
Find everything
Search across all work product (documents, emails, images) automatically tuned to your work style
Be more responsive
Secure mobile access means you can view and edit your work from anywhere
Work smarter
Integrates seamlessly with the applications you’re already using to save time
Increase adoption
User designed workflows, navigation and contextual help allow fast onboarding of new users
Enhance Security
Organization policies govern audited document access and sharing with delegated authorization
Work from anywhere
Mobile first design, in a single user experience on phone tablet and browser makes it easy to turn idle time into effective worktime

Get your project teams on the same page with unified, secure engagement folders

Organize emails and document attachments side-by-side with other work product, boosting efficiency and saving valuable time.

All content is managed by engagement, secured to the project team based on policy and full text searchable so your professionals are never more than a few clicks away from what they want to see.

Smart Intuitive features anticipate and analyze your working style, increasing productivity to deliver the best client work.

Integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes make emails that are typically locked away in individual inboxes part of the shared and governed engagement file.

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Document Management Software for Law Firms & Professional Services

Email and document management for law firms and other professional service firms is a must. The proper and secure handling, filing and protection of sensitive documents, contracts, communications and client information is a standard that all law firms and professional service organizations are expected to adhere to. At the same time, firmswant to increase their efficiency without adding undue labor costs or manual tasks. That’s why iManage Work 10 is such a seamless match for how today’s legal professionals work and access information.

With iManage Work 10, law firms don’t need to change how they work. Instead, as attorneys travel to meet with clients, colleagues and outside contractors, they can securely access documents from wherever their work takes them in a user-friendly fashion that supports productivity and ensures compliance.

See Why Ferrier Hodgson Went With iManage

"Ferrier Hodgson was one of the first companies to move to the new Work 10 interface. We’re now working with the new professional client. The Outlook add ins are a far easier interface to train new staff."
- Mustafa Mohabbat, National IT Manager, Ferrier Hodgson

  • “It’s very positive that iManage looks at the full range of services we need – document management, collaboration, governing, compliance and now search with artificial intelligence. For us as an IT department, there is no reason to consider any other product.”

    -Peter Van Dam, Knowledge & IT Manager, Simonsen Vogt Wiig

  • “We really trust iManage because they are not only talking about strategies, they really bring real innovation to their products. It was not the question ‘if we wanted to work with iManage’ – it was the question ‘how to best work with iManage.”

    -Stefan Eckert, IT Director, Beiten Burkhardt

  • “Some of the main drivers for choosing iManage were technology, cost, support, R&D investment and ability to work with us. We went through quite an exhaustive process and when you cumulatively bring that all together, it became quite an easy choice to make in the end.”

    -Ross Forgione, CIO, Johnson Winter & Slattery

  • “Attorneys are not interested in 'upgrades' and are unwilling to spend time for marginal improvement. We needed something with ’wow‘ to get their attention. iManage Work 10 provides that wow. In fact, during a demo one of our attorneys said 'wow' 12 times! Our focus now…project WOW combining iManage Work 10, Office 2016 and Windows 10.”

    -Doug Caddell, Global CIO, Mayer Brown LLP
  • “The design thinking that has gone into iManage Work 10, watching lawyers and interviewing them about the key day-to-day tasks they do, combined with a lot of smart features, results in a user experience that I believe will improve adoption and satisfaction in the legal community. iManage Work 10 is a highly sophisticated and innovative product.”

    -Stefan Winquist, CIO, Bech Bruun, Denmark
  • “iManage Work 10 is the release we’ve been waiting for, it’s a quantum leap from previous versions. We are looking forward to deploying this new version and we think that the new set of smart features will help our lawyers improve their productivity. ”

    -Cesar Mejias, IT Director, Garrigues, Spain

Work in Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Outlook

iManage Work 10 fully integrates with Microsoft Office, including Office 365. Manage emails and documents, even client collaboration—all from within familiar Outlook folders.

Incoming emails are analyzed and, based on analytics, the system suggests a filing location so you can file emails with just a single click. Previously filed emails are clearly marked, so you don’t waste time filing what your colleagues have already filed.

Save files directly into iManage from the “save” command in Office and Office 365. Full integration with Gmail, Adobe Acrobat, document comparison and other tools means that no matter what tools you need to get your job done—it’s just a click away with iManage Work 10.

View the Email Management for Outlook and Exchange Datasheet

View the Email Management for Gmail Datasheet

Download iManage Work FileShare Datasheet

Smart features make you more productive

iManage Work 10 leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to enhance your productivity by eliminating traditional friction points in common tasks and by anticipating your needs based on historical data.

  • Smart work lists provide one click access to all recent clients, matters or engagements, emails and documents, saving time and allowing you to stay on top of changes.
  • Smart timelines make it easy to access prior versions and understand how a document has evolved and who has changed or viewed it.
  • Smart previews ensure that reviewing large documents on mobile devices and slow networks is easy, fast and simple.
  • Smart email management improves the accuracy of suggested email filing locations and automatically tracks and groups email threads.
  • Smart help provides simple and useful help when and where you need it.

Download 5 Ways to Increase User Productivity with iManage Work 10

Download 7 Ways iManage Taps into AI and Big Data Analytics

One search across emails documents and all work product

With iManage personalized search, you search across the entire organization including all emails, documents, and images, and receive prioritized results based on your search patterns. Even scanned documents, which can be transformed into searchable text with iManage OCR, are included in search results.

View the iManage Work OCR Datasheet

Work with confidence – security and governance are covered

iManage Work 10 enterprise grade security provides a secured, governed environment for your work product. Security is set by project or client, automatically enforced across emails and other work product and information is encrypted at rest to ensure compliance with client requirements or regulatory policies including HIPPA.

  • Maintain control with customer managed encryption key (CMEK) by using any cloud service such as Microsoft Azure HSM to manage the encryption of iManage files. Keys are never visible to iManage and the organization controls who can de-encrypt files.
  • Improve usability and application audit tracking capabilities with single-sign on oAuth support.
  • Unburden the user and ensure that all security changes are properly applied with Server-side re-file.

At iManage, building secure software is our top priority. We provide security training for our developers, conduct peer reviews on all code and continuously test or code via Dynamic Application Security Testing. Learn More

Increase user adoption- Document Management for everyone

Easily access and manage your iManage Work content from the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

  • Zero learning curve– Use an already familiar interface.
  • Access documents and files without compromising disk space.
  • Comprehensive security fully encrypts all your data.
  • Keep data in sync and up to date regardless of bandwidth constraints-high, low or no bandwidth scenarios.
  • Leverage the power of Windows Explorer or Mac Finder native functionality – linked documents, upload/download files from any web location and use non-integrated third-party applications.

View the iManage Drive Datasheet

Work the way you want to work

A modern single user experience across all platforms – Windows, Mac, Internet, IOS and Android keeps users engaged and productive.

  • Mac or Windows client keeps professionals effective with comprehensive integration with Apple iSuite, Microsoft Office for the Mac and iPad email management functionality.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership – No need to change operating environment.
  • Automatic Updates keeps pace with innovation and lets you stay up to date with the latest features of iManage Work.
  • Access current work product regardless of geographic location or bandwidth scenarios.

Work from anywhere on any device

iManage Work is a modern cloud first mobile solution that allows professionals to work securely anywhere , any time on any device. A compelling single user experience across all platforms (IOS, Android, Windows) , iManage mobility makes the entire electronic project file easily accessible regardless of location or bandwidth.

  • File, retrieve and edit key documents and emails
  • Collaborate with your project team
  • Preview engagement files with ease regardless of size
  • Rapidly respond to client or internal requests with up to date relevant information
  • View the iManage Work Mobility Datasheet

See what our customers are saying about iManage mobility.

Share with internal and external collaborators

iManage Share enables your project teams to share documents securely and collaborate quickly and easily.

  • Share and collaborate with external parties directly from iManage Work with a single click
  • Complete audit trail of all actions for enhanced governance
  • Replace risky emails with secure, governed links to content
  • Initiate collaboration at any time, with no dependence on IT
  • Automate metadata scrubbing; compare internal and external documents with a single click

View the iManage Share Datasheet

Unleash the agility of the cloud

iManage Work 10 is delivered on the enhanced iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud infrastructure to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders Google and Facebook to the legal/professional community for document and email management.

iManage Work 10 capitalizes on innovative cloud features for fast deployments and scalable performance.

  • Increase reliability and agility through continuous deployments
  • Deploy automatic updates with no maintenance down time
  • Increase data resiliency while reducing operating costs

Learn more about iManage Cloud

View the iManage Cloud DataSheet

Simplified Administration and Monitoring – Reduced TCO

iManage Work 10 ships with the iManage Control Center, a powerful dashboard that allows you to control core-functionality within your iManage products. Key iManage Control Center features indluce:

  • Role-Base Administration
  • User, Group and Metadata Management
  • Flexible Folders

View the iManage Control Center Datasheet

Works with the tools you use every day

Professionals rely upon a variety of tools to get their work done efficiently. Beyond relying on the core authoring tools such as Microsoft office and key publishing tools like Adobe acrobat, professionals also work with specialized tools for managing footers, citations, research, metadata scrubbing, and document comparison to name just a few. iManage as leader of work product management for professionals integrates with dozens of the tools professionals rely upon in industries such as legal accounting and financial services. Our integrations are robust and make professionals more productive and professional work more satisfying.

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