Frictionless security and intelligent governance

Your business runs on uncovering and activating high-value knowledge. Make sure you do it securely.

Making security and risk management work

It's more challenging than ever to protect data and secure systems to meet regulatory requirements
and client demands while also making those systems compliant, easy to use, and practical to manage.

With data loss prevention, need-to-know policy controls, encryption, and workflow automation built in, the iManage platform manages security, privacy, and risk without impacting access or knowledge flow.

Business Intake Manager

Deliver compliant, secure matter, or project lifecycle automation from intake to closure to maximize billable hours with purpose-built workflows designed to evolve with policy and regulatory updates.

Conflicts Manager

Handle potential conflicts of interest quickly, control access to sensitive data, and optimize best use of expert resources with intelligent automation and AI technology.

Security Policy Manager

Easily manage complex security policies at scale, including need-to-know access, ethical walls, or information barriers and data segregation to minimize the impact of a security breach.

Threat Manager

AI based threat detection with alerts, reporting, metrics and information governance controls to manage sensitive information with greater levels of visibility and control

Records Manager

Manage both physical and electronic records without slowing down employees by using integrated governance policies that monitor and enforce compliance.

Discover Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a modern security framework built for today's workplace and the threats that it can pose. It protects firms, whether it's system users, are inside or outside the organization, on local networks, or remote and this whitepaper describes this approach and how it's embedded into the iManage platform.  


Start to work safer

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