Our Platform

Our knowledge work platform helps organizations to uncover and activate the knowledge that exists in their business content and communications.

The platform for making knowledge work

For organizations that run on knowledge, iManage is the platform that gives you an edge. Our knowledge work platform empowers you to work together intelligently and securely, unlocking your productivity and expertise to drive better business outcomes.

Every product we build aims to enable that core function. The platform is focused on making knowledge work, with encrypted document collaboration, because we recognize that knowledge is the engine that drives performance and the source of true value to our customers.


iManage is a catalyst that activates your expertise to create value for the business.


iManage organizes projects with context and safe sharing, so teams can achieve a common goal, anywhere.


iManage solves the tension between security and ease of use by baking world-class governance into workflows.


iManage democratizes knowledge work innovation with a vibrant ecosystem of partners and integrations.

 Our Platform Benefits

Work your way, anywhere

Teams create content and collaborate securely, from anywhere and on any device.

Built-in structure and transparency

Organize projects in context with clear visibility, so teams can work toward a common goal.



End-to-end governance

From encryption to ethical walls, iManage builds security and governance into the entire information lifecycle.

Drive productivity with AI

Embedded artificial intelligence automates mundane tasks to streamline processes and enable smarter decisions.

Uncover meaningful value

Use AI powered contextual search as a catalyst to activate expertise and create value.

Innovate with confidence

iManage democratizes knowledge work innovation with a vibrant ecosystem of partners and integrations.

iManage Share Key features

  • Collaborate seamlessly and securely from anywhere, on any device.

  • Comprehensive governance and security protections built into the platform.

  • Embedded AI capabilities unlock knowledge and enable smarter workflow.

  • Thriving ecosystem of technology partners integrated with iManage Universal APIs.

How Attorneys Work More Intelligently with Us

See a real-world example of how iManage products work seamlessly across the platform to help attorneys work smarter.

Let us show you how

Request a demo to let us show you how iManage can help you create a secure central place for collaboration so you can activate your knowledge with confidence.