Governance and Security

Protection architected from the ground up to secure sensitive information and intellectual property.

Next-generation knowledge protection

iManage brings a comprehensive and layered approach to security, from the industry-leading global cloud platform to sophisticated access controls, threat detection, and differentiated encryption. It allows unhindered collaboration and productivity, ensuring organizations remain the most secure stewards of their knowledge work.

Future proof knowledge security

Protect vital information with Zero Trust cloud architecture, geo‐isolation of data, and customer managed encryption keys.

Single source of truth

Solve complex deployment challenges with comprehensive, high performance data center coverage.

Reduced IT and organization risk

Single integrated solution eliminates vendor gaps and improves information workflows.

Unobtrusive, secure productivity

Comprehensive, pervasive security and governance that works with your knowledge workers, not against them.

Revolutionary access controls

Granular and flexible need-to-know security and information barrier options to protect and segregate data at scale.

Streamlined compliance

Automate highly manual processes to reduce organizational, business, and client/project risk and conflicts.

Key Features

  • Secure, state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform accessible on any device, anytime, from any global location.

  • Built to operate in the most regulated industries for clients, customers, and business with the highest expectations.

  • Embeds security and governance into the lifecycle of information and knowledge workflows.

  • Monitor, detect, and remediate threats to protect data loss with continual AI driven analytics and behavior modelling.

  • Enhance confidence and collaborate securely with customer managed encryption keys (CMEK).

  • Meet internal legal and ethical compliance mandates to satisfy General Counsel Guidelines (GCG).

Discover Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a modern security framework built for today's work environment and the threats it poses. Whether your users are working on-premises or off, on local networks or remote, Zero Trust can protect your valuable data. This white paper describes the concept of Zero Trust and how iManage is implementing it across our platform. 


Advanced data center and network security

iManage ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data:

  • Best-in-class (Tier III) data centers, SSAE18, PCI, ISO compliant facilities
  • We lead the industry in disaster recovery and service availability for cloud DMS providers, with multi-gigabyte connectivity and replication policy

Robust application security and compliance certification

iManage builds highly secure software that is continuously tested and follows industry-standard security practices and certifications:

  • Code tested via Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
  • All cloud products and applications independently penetration tested.
  • Compliance program that supports all ISO, SOC 2, 2+, and 3 frameworks.

Learn more

Download the full Security Certification and System Security details.