The iManage Cloud enables every organization to be more agile, productive, and secure.

Cloud Platform for Knowledge Work

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be productive from anywhere in a safe, secure environment. Our unique cloud platform delivers against our client's needs of security, reliability, and performance while reducing cost and complexity, and increasing business agility.


Performance that drives adoption

Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.


Security for vital information

Comprehensive cloud security built on Zero Trust architecture.


Enhanced business agility

Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.


Improved efficiency

Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

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Key Features

  • Industry-leading uptime and performance.

  • Comprehensive security protections built in.

  • Zero Trust security model offers highest level of protection.

  • Resilient and highly available Cloud architecture.

  • Real-time transparency and uptime reporting through our Trust Center.

  • Proven tools, processes, and partners to help customers transition to our Cloud.

5 lessons for moving to the Cloud 

Learn first-hand what a panel of law firms discovered from moving to the cloud with iManage and the best practices, that shaped their strategies for success. 

By the numbers 


 % uptime


regional data centers for global coverage 


in-region data processing respecting residency requirements

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5 Lessons for Moving to the Cloud

Learn first-hand what a panel of law firms discovered from moving to the cloud with iManage.

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iManage research crystallizes analysis of more than 1,000 knowledge workers and 500,000 digital conversations to help forge path for the future of knowledge work.

04 March 2021

Our platform

Our knowledge work platform helps organizations to uncover and activate the knowledge that exists in their business content and communications.