EfXport by Eficio simplifies the task of workspace exporting, particularly when making the transition from iManage's long paths to Windows' limited paths. It retrieves all versions of your documents, appending the DOCNUM_VERSION at the end of each document name for easy identification. In the end, EfXport delivers a smooth and precise exporting process.

Unique differentiators/features

· Smooth transition from iManage long paths to Windows limited paths
· Retrieves all document versions, appending the DOCNUM_VERSION to each document name
· Respects the security associated with the user using the app
· Facilitates the easy extraction of documents
· Skips exporting empty containers

User Benefits:

· Hassle-free document exporting

Administrator Benefits:

· Control over who can use EfXport through administrative settings

iManage Solution:

Work 10.3 (UAPP 1.1.1)

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