BundlePro offers next generation bundling, giving you functional advantages to assist with your firm’s workflow.  The latest edition of the BundlePro software provides you with new tools to manage your bundles and presents you with endless options for ensuring your documents are as efficient and effective as possible.

BundlePro’s core function is to structure your data from a physical (paper) and/or digital sources.  This universal platform is interactive so that professionals can collaborate to refine the data, so that information is spot on. It reduces the reliance on paper documents by making the digital environment paper-like, with nifty features such as virtual sticky notes, colourful highlights, cross-referencing annotations, and permanent redactions.

Unique differentiators/features

  • BundlePro is more than just a litigation tool. Our clients are using it to create smart electronic bundles for a diverse range of matters, briefs, affidavits, personal injury claims, immigration packs, probate bundles, property development packs and more.
  • With BundlePro, you can bundle documents together, insert placeholders, search metadata, annotate and tag, create a final searchable PDF document with paginated index pages, watermarking, custom page stamping, colour coded sections and a lot more.
  • Adopting BundlePro into your electronic discovery strategy will give your firm an advantage and save both time and money.  BundlePro is an affordable way to comb through your documents prior to a case and securely share your bundle externally with your counsel, client or even the other side’s solicitor.

Licensing model:

Cost recovery pay as you go with unlimited users

Target Market:

Professionals - legal services


Lawyers, accountants, real estate agents

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