Litera Compare / iManage Governance

DocMinder removes bouncing from one product to the next found in typical document markup processes with a counterparty. Typically, you may start with a form document in iManage, send it to others, monitor your inbox for a returning marked up version, then search for your original to compare it to, launch compare software, send updates to parties, and repeat again and again. All this is labor intensive and open to accidents.
DocMinder provides you with automated project management for this common procedure with integration between Litera Compare,  iManage, email, and Teams, all from one consolidated screen with Dashboards for fast management oversite.
Counter parties can also easily interact with the project from one screen within their DocMinder email notification.

Unique differentiators/features

• Easily compare different versions and manage changes from one consolidated screen
• Automatic routing and follow up on a project until closure including checklist approvals
• Seamless integration prevents accidents and moving from one product to the next
• Documents and related info are easily accessible and stored correctly
• Get a quick view of the project’s status without searching for new versions, originals, and emails
• Manage all your team’s projects with reports, calendars, and dashboards

Licensing model:

Per user / Site / Subscription

Target Market:

iManage / Litera Compare users that need a seamless way to collaborate on work.


Client references are available by request.

iManage Solution:

iManage Universal App

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