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iFooter provides a flexible and reliable solution for adding footers to documents created in a Work 10 environment.  Footer field names and the footer metadata is fully customisable allowing and different footer metadata may be used based on the document or iManage Library settings. 

Changing platforms from FileSite to Work10 may require replacing your existing VBA iManage Footer solution.  iFooter can be integrated into existing VBA code allowing customised footer solutions to be maintained with the minimum of effort.

Unique differentiators/features

  • iFooter is an iManage Work 10 Desktop Extension for Microsoft Word.
  • iFooter goes beyond just adding the iManage document ID, if required iFooter will call VBA functions allowing full customisation of footer functions
  • Through document properties Footers can be excluded from documents 
  • Custom document properties can be defined allowing for document ID’s and Document names to appear within the body of the document not just the footer.
  • Footer details and custom properties update to reflect changes in iManage metadata.

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iManage Solution:

iManage Work 10 (UAPP version 1.0+)

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ACP Solutions Pty Ltd

ACP Solutions Pty Ltd

ACP Solutions was first formed in 2003, and underwent a change late in 2005 to focus on document management and document automation. We have clients in a number of different market areas, including legal, accounting, Federal Government, Universities and several other diverse industries.

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